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Araceli Vitta accused of paying Daniel Guerrero $1 million



The actress has accused a former member of La Sociedad of 24 million pesos in debt to manufacture her 23-year-old son Sebastian.

Actress Araceli Vitta has accused her ex-husband, national singer Daniel Guerrero. About having a millionaire’s debt as alimony for his son I am 23 years old now.

Vitta was invited to the program follow me i will follow youwhere he was talking about a new stand-up show. They asked him about his inspiration for humor.

“I talk about my life. Stand-up was really like therapy. Anything that seems frightening in an instant When you translate them into humor, you end up with therapy and you end up laughing,” the interpreter began.

“In other words, you are trashing your ex-partner,” joked Andrés Baile at the time.

“I will not abandon them, I will speak the right and necessary things about ex-partners. everything is real.who pays me a ransom …” she managed, interrupted by the panel’s reaction.

In it, they asked Vitta about who her former partner was, and Vitta claimed he was the father of her only son, Sebastian. “24 million pesos in debt , I don’t know when. But there were no sanctions, nothing no matter how much more debt we had,” he explained.

Asked about the possibility of withdrawing his pension fund to pay off his debts, he said: Vitta argued otherwise, as the former members of La Sociedad have always been artists.

“I’m an artist too, so I had to support my son all my life.” was criticized at the time.

Upon further consultation, Vitta asserted that he had severed all sorts of ties with Guerrero for years, and still claimed: He contacts Sebastian.

Son: Yes, because he has younger brothers he adore and loves them and sees them all the time .[His relationship with his father]is sporadic, but he has it,” he explained.

On this point he also affirmed: I never banned him, I was not one of the mothers who prevented him from having an affair with his son Because he owed me money. Those are separate issues. “

“In general, I try to keep the subject matter personal. I came out because I was talking about standup,” he commented with a laugh. In any case, he made it clear that he would not appear in the press.

It would be great if he went to court or family court and paid me . A lot of time wasted and the system has a lot of errors,” he concludes.

bio bio chili He tried to contact Daniel Guerrero to get his version, but without success.

Source: Biobiochile

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