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Salvadoran actress joins Tilda Swinton in film about Salvadoran in New York



The Salvadoran film will bring a completely different and unique proposition to Hollywood.

The Salvadoran film will bring a completely different and unique proposition to Hollywood.

young man Salvadoran actor Julio Torres Wrote, directed and starred in a new feature film “Troublemaker” (2023)in which he co-starred with a British actor Tilda Swintonremembered for films such as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) and Oscar winner by “Michael Clayton” (2008).

An ambitious project released its official trailer This Wednesday, May 24, which shows the creative story AlexanderA toy designer from El Salvador who struggles to bring his fantastic ideas to life in the city NYAnd time is his Work visa in the United States.

“Wonderfully creative, harrowing and downright funny. A film with a strange and moving perspective on the woes of living in today’s American society,” reviewed critic Rafael Mottamayor of IndieWire. “This fearless and authentic debut shows tremendous skill A unique and inventive form of humor, It deals with a very real issue with heart and honesty,” adds Aurora Amidon of Paste Magazine.

despite The platform has not yet been announced Wherever the 98-minute film will be shown, its theme is already raising high expectations among creatives around the world and Salvadorans, as Swinton Cue the end of the trailer The name of the country, the pupus, and the famous case of some North American nuns that they were killed in the context of the civil war, a true incident that took place in 1980 and that was also mentioned by Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar’s film, “All About My Mother” (1999).

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Source: Diario.Elmundo

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