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‘La Lancherita’ ex-partner accuses her of assault and fraud: Singer accuses him in 2021



The manager accused the singer of assault, threats and fraud. Similarly, sources close to the artist ensure that she has filed complaints against Chacon for violence, blackmail, intimidation and identity theft.

Chilean singer Carolina Molina, also known as ‘La Lancerita’, has come to the center of controversy after her ex-partner Juan Claudio Chacón said. accused her of fraud and assault.

everything happened in the show follow me i will follow youChacon, who works as a manager for various artists, shared some videos There, a singer is seen repeatedly banging on the gate and another singer attacking him.

“Two years ago I ended a relationship with a woman who was frankly miserable. I didn’t want to upload the video or any material I had regarding the evidence indicting her. ” he began in a video he shared on social networks, to which the show responded.

In this branch, Chacon said, “I thought I was in a romantic relationship with a singer, but there were some things in that relationship that I didn’t see. To build a good coexistence and relationship, sometimes you have to give up.” There is There are things that are constant for me. The first is a lie. ”

“What did she do? OnlyFans and Arsmate were created (…) I disagreed with her uploading content there. I told him I hated him and that’s basically why we broke up. ” he explained.

The branch, he asserted, said Molina had uploaded the same images he had originally published on his social networks, but A friend told him what Molina was about.

They send me screenshots but they are sexually explicit pictures That was the main reason I ended up dating her,” he recalled.

However, the problem persisted. “She is so mythological and super villainous that all she did one day was give interviews in various media and even on social networks.” Her ex-partner hacked her, cloned her phone and hinted at me, saying I made OnlyFans for her and made money together.” Said.

Carolina Molina’s ex-partner secures lawsuit

Either way, Chacon accuses the artist of “going beyond all limits.” Ever since we separated there have been constant threats of killing, beatings and lawsuits. ” .

At the branch, the manager was accused of a series of acts. Threats from Fake Profiles on Social Networks targeting both the singer and her current partner.

“I have a complaint against her (…) I am still waiting to be given a restraining order. and hopefully it will be fulfilled now before this happens in the majors,” he said at the time, noting that he didn’t want to be near her again.

In addition, Shared a series of public videos of Chacon showing episodes of violence where the couple at the time got into an altercation, and shortly after Molina accused Chacon of “why did you leave my back”, he started beating him.

In another video, the artist is seen banging on the building’s gate. “This person owes me money, I have a lawsuit against her and I have legal problems with her. “I don’t want her near me. She’s a rogue and a scammer (…) She owes many people over P300 million,” Chacon concluded.

bio bio chili He tried to contact “La Lancherita” to defend his position on the charges, but without success. Meanwhile, a source close to the artist assures:Carolina is suing the person starting in 2021 As he did, using compelling authentic and unredacted evidence to distort the facts. “

In it they argue that Molina filed lawsuit against Chacon for ‘verbal and physical violence’ blackmail, extortion, identity theft by exploiting private devices (mobile phone cloning), and extortion of a sexual nature.

Similarly, regarding the video, they assure Chacon that he “uploaded the video from his home surveillance camera and would like to encourage him to show the full video without editing.” There he hits Carolina and damages her car. ” .

Source: Biobiochile

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