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Fran García Huidobro endorsed Vesta Rag and criticized the author of the ridicule, saying “you have a rotten soul”.



Television panelists vigorously defended Vesta Rag, mocking and attacking the author of the video, which quickly went viral.

during last Tuesday Vesta Rag She released a statement on social networks after a video went viral showing people mocking her opening for Emilia Mernes in front of a half-empty Movistar Arena.who supported her today Fran Garcia Huidobro.

The Chilean-Canadian singer pointed out on the network: “People were making fun of the fact that there weren’t many people (…) It’s hard to be a singer, you start and change what you don’t know.” It’s difficult.” Please decide your course when you turn 28. “

Through their stories, therefore, the jury I He fully endorsed the influencer, claiming the laugh was due to “envy.”

“Vesta, I admire you, I love you. You are talented, you are beautiful, and all else I envy you. And they’re going to claim FIFA,” he suggested.

He then darts at the people who filmed the video, which went viral within hours through social networks like Instagram and TikTok.

Provoking Vesta Rag

“In simple terms, I mean the nice guy or girl who was dedicated to laughing off the few people who were in the Movistar Arena while Vesta opened for Emilia,” he said. rice field.

“Imagine that when you sing at the Movistar Arena, friend or friend, it’s packed with people. that he has many friends, If not, it’s the soul that you’re rotting, cut it.” Added.

Another person who sent words of encouragement to Vesta Rag was Carlos Figueroa Conductor of the orchestra at the Viña del Mar Music Festival.

“I admire your work and effort in carrying out your projects. This country is full of resentful vile people/Come on, you’re more than that!”, he claimed.

Source: Biobiochile

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