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Carolina Molina responds succinctly to ‘assault’ accusations by ex-partner



The singer briefly suggested that the case was in the hands of lawyers. After being accused of assaulting her ex-partner.

Complaints made by ex-partners this Wednesday Carolina Molina, known as “La Lancherita” He accused him of assault. The singer replied briefly.

Follow me and I will follow you, as detailed in the program Juan Claudio Chacón He suggested that he may have been a victim of fraud on the artist’s part as well.

“I ended my relationship with her two years ago and she was frankly a miserable one. “I never wanted to upload material that was being used,” he said at the outset. When he shared the video on his network, the show responded.

In this branch, Chacon said, “I thought I was in a romantic relationship with a singer, but there were some things in that relationship that I didn’t see. To build a good coexistence and relationship, sometimes you have to give up.” There are, but to me they are immutable. The first one is a lie.”

“What did she do? OnlyFans and Arsmate were created (…) I did not consent to her uploading content there. And basically that’s why we quit,” he explained.

Similarly, the subject shared a series of videos in which an episode of violence was seen, in which the then-married couple argued, shortly after which Molina blamed Chacon. “How did you leave my back?” he starts beating him.

In another video, the artist is seen banging on the building’s gate. “This person owes me money, I have a lawsuit against her, I have legal issues with her, I don’t want her to come near me, she’s a rogue and a scammer.” (…) She has a lot of debt, “People’s money, more than 300 million pesos,” concludes Chacon.

Answer from Carolina Molina

Carolina Molina responded briefly: 7th pageIn it, he said the matter was in the hands of lawyers and that legal action could be taken.

“I am not going to make a statement at this time. My lawyers are filing a lawsuit with real evidence.” Very briefly explained.

In December 2021, “Lancherita” was the victim of assault by two women. The incident happened on New Year’s Eve.

Source: Biobiochile

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