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“Well-being and green challenges of cemeteries”, which are not just places of memory



This year’s European Cemeteries Heritage Days are starting

“Although cemeteries evoke the deepest emotions, such as sadness, the members of the association strive to create an environment that brings people positive emotions and an atmosphere of calm,” says Lidija Pliberšek, who heads the Association of European Important Cemeteries.

According to her, this is precisely the reason for choosing this year’s central theme of the Heritage Days of European Cemeteries, which will take place from Friday to June 4. As part of the project, a tree will be planted today next to the peace monument at the Pobrek cemetery.

This year’s theme was named Well-being and green cemeteries challenges. As Pliberšek said, cemeteries are not only places where we preserve the memory of our loved ones, but also green spaces designed with thoughtful plantings that enable a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The days are prepared by the Association of European Important Cemeteries (ASCE), the largest organization that preserves and presents cemeteries as an important part of the cultural, historical and artistic heritage of Europe.

They can also become attractive tourist spotsIn this term, it is led by Pliberšek, otherwise the director of the Funeral Company Maribor, who strives to enable cemeteries throughout Europe to become interesting event spaces intended for guided tours, exhibitions and other events. With this, they want the local population and visitors to recognize the cemetery as an important heritage of the cities, which can become attractive tourist spots.

Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Miloš Ojdanić

In Maribor, as the presiding member of the association, they will start the event with a special one eventscalled the Tree of Peace, as part of which one will be members of ASCE with the planting of trees in cemeteries and monuments pointed out the importance of peace in life. The first tree will be planted in the morning at the Pobrek cemetery next to the peace monument, and in the future peace trees will also be planted in other European cemeteries on various occasions.

Along with the main event, a cultural day will be organized in Maribor for the students of Tone Čufar Primary School, Maribor, where they will get to know the cemetery as a place to explore the history and heritage of the city, and from today until Saturday, an exhibition of mourning floristry will be on display, which will show the extraordinary beauty and significance flowers in cemeteries.

Green cemeteries are not completely newVisitors will also be able to see the path around the cemetery with the help of new guides in free application, which visitors can download to their smartphone. She will take them along the various routes of the Pobrežje cemetery, where they will learn about historical monuments, important personalities, sports and medical legends or military stories.

Green cemeteries are not completely new. You are at the Funeral Home Maribor with they try to color them with various forms of greenery with green note. Due to its location, the Dobravo cemetery offers a rich space with green planting.

In cooperation with the Maribor Horticultural Society, in the past few days, 40 Japanese honeysuckle bushes were additionally planted along the fence, and another 100 in two locations of the Pobrežje cemetery.

Photo: BoBo

It is a continuation of the good practice of planting pastures for bees and other pollinators that started last year. At the same time, they are preparing a project of green islands in the cemeteries, with which they will upgrade the opportunity for the well-being and calm of visitors at both Maribor cemeteries.

Source: Rtvslo

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