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Airen Mirra reveals cancer battle: ‘I’m tired of pretending’



The Argentinian model has triple-negative breast cancer, just like Claudia Conserva, who is battling the disease.

After weeks of speculation about her health, the truth about the ex Chika comes to light Airen Mira Confirmed she has breast cancer.

The 33-year-old model released the information through a video on social networks.

Ayrenn choked, assuring him that he knew the video would be difficult to record, but now he has the tools to tell his story.

“I would like to put into my own words what I have been going through for many months…I am going through a health condition. My diagnosis is breast cancer and it’s pretty aggressive “, Said.

“I want to be honest, real, and open minded. I think now is the right time[to say it]. I am strong enough to do this and I am now. I was silent for months until I thought it was time,” he said.

Ailen Mirra and cancer change lives

Ayrenn said she lost her hair to chemotherapy but “had to face it” when her work as a model and influencer forced her to wear a wig.

“Obviously, and I say it with great pride, I don’t care if I have no hair, I don’t have eyebrows, I don’t care either. I don’t have eyelashes… let’s be honest. To tell you the truth, I’m tired of pretending,” he admitted.

Former participants of Amor a Prueva were diagnosed with the following diseases, among others: triple negative breast cancer – the same thing that Claudia Conserva suffers – she had to undergo 16 chemotherapy .

The model also assures us that we’ve had other duels in the process, which we’ll probably talk about later. Because her purpose now is to help and empower others.

“I hope it goes well.”

“This is how I want to face this problem and how I want to deal with my illness. I hope it works for you,” commented Airen Mirra on her reasons for making the illness known.

“My purpose in going public (individuals) is that I’ve long wanted to use it to raise awareness. I’m tired of taking pictures, I’m tired of communicating.” he added.

“I was thinking, how can I communicate with people, how can I rebuild the social network that I have with so many people,” he said.

“Beyond beauty, but beyond style, how can we raise awareness that they are often seen as banal,” she reflected. “And I thought for a long time what to do. And suddenly, although this was not the answer I was expecting, cancer hit me,” he recalled.

“Many months ago, last year, you thought my life was perfect when it wasn’t,” he admitted.

“There was a time when I was lying on the floor and crying.”

According to Mira, ever since she found out she had breast cancer, she had faced the disease in the best possible way and was always looking for a solution.

“I’m not lying, this is always a cycle of ups and downs, in my case I’ve had more happy moments than sad ones,[I thought]I’m going through all the tools I have and myself.” “I’m positive,” he said.

“Of course, whenever possible, because There were times when I cried on the floor and dragged myself to the bathroom because I felt sick. ” clearly.

After finishing chemotherapy, which began in January, despite the side effects, Airen Mirra finally decided to talk about her illness, hoping to empower others. “For me, this was a second chance in life.”

Source: Biobiochile

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