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Daniela Aranguiz slams me and explains why she uploaded controversial photo: ‘I acted like a broken mother’



The model also responded to a message from her ex-husband who said he had no dignity, saying, “Every time I endure mental, verbal or any other type of attack, I lose my dignity.” .

After posting an intimate photo that is said to be a big ripple, Jorge Valdivia and Mayte Orsini , Daniela Aranguiz explained his actions.

on your show star zonegave an interview to explain why she made the post, which led to a lot of criticism against her on social networks.

“I don’t react to any violence because what we did was violence. If they didn’t do something to me before,” said the former model.

“He was the one who uploaded it first.” . It started with a tantrum because I accused him of violating our agreement on visitation,” he explained.

Photo with Daniela Aranguiz: ‘I acted like a broken mother’

He said the former footballer had to spend the weekend with his children, but in an email from him and his lawyer, he excused himself and clarified it was a side effect of the medication he was taking for depression. bottom.

“We all figured it out until the portal went public and sent me proof Jorge said he traveled to see his girlfriend in Panama on Thursday. . Perhaps he was ill and was not fulfilling his fatherly responsibilities.”

“That’s where my anger started. We all have the right to start our lives over and be with whoever we want to be with. But responsibility comes first, and I think I behaved like a wounded mother. I believe many Chilean women will understand me,” she added.

“I am the daughter of separated parents, but my father has done the same to me all his life, making me wait. I know living is worse,” she explained.

“I lost my dignity the first time I forgave you.”

A panelist said she filed a corresponding complaint with her lawyer, which angered Ms. Valdivia.

That same Tuesday night, the footballer attacked her on Instagram, writing the following message: “I want you to understand that it takes dignity and that falling in love again is rich.”

“When you were unfaithful to me, the first time you forgave me, I lost my dignity. he condemned.

“I was married to a macho man for 18 years and he wouldn’t even let me work,” she declared.

“And if he talks about love, I hope and hope that he is in love. It’s about being unfaithful and respectful of others,” he added.

“It was you who was hiding in the car outside the house all night to see if I would come out,” he accused.

“It’s a shame because I think I’ve wasted all my years of being married to him,” she said.

The Grave Sins of Daniela Aranguiz

Daniela Aranguiz was also heavily criticized for her actions and the photos she uploaded. She said, “I have a lot of attitudes that I regret at some point. I do everything thoroughly, so I don’t think much about things when I’m angry ” he admitted.

“Some images shouldn’t have been uploaded, but when you love you don’t lie and start a relationship,” he said.

Of course, he said he doesn’t regret all the posts he’s uploaded. “But what I did was only a reaction to what he did to me.” he declared.

Similarly, he made it clear that he “doesn’t write to his wife that he loves him and is sorry, and that he gets off the plane on February 11th and goes to his girlfriend’s house.” continued. October”.

According to the former model, Orsini and Valdivia’s relationship began in October when she was still married to an athlete.

“He always says we broke up in September. We broke up in September when I kicked him out of the house. Because my best friend caught him unfaithful to me at a motel. ” ,defendant.

“And on his birthday in October, we tried to get back together. We were together when he started a relationship in parallel with today’s girlfriend,” he said. .

The model also responded to the criticism it received from social networks. “I prefer her to judge her for herself…if people love me, they have to love me for who I really am, not someone else’s invention,” he said. Told.

“And maybe I’m a little mean, a little crazy, and like all women, I understand a little bit of everything they say,” she cut off the interview.

Source: Biobiochile

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