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‘How courageous, courageous’: Cast members send cheers to Airen Mira after cancer discovery



Former Amor A Prueva reported on her health on social networks, saying she has triple-negative breast cancer.

A surprise happened early Thursday morning when former Chica Airen Mirra announced through her social networks that she was suffering from breast cancer. Therefore, in her visibly moving video, she said: She had already undergone 16 rounds of chemotherapy and had been forced to wear wigs, makeup and false eyelashes for months.

“Obviously, I say with great pride, I have no hair and I don’t care, I don’t have eyebrows and I don’t care either. I don’t have lashes… honestly, I’m tired of pretending. ” counted.

After his news, various former reality boys, actors, and various faces of the show shared heartfelt messages. Sending you good energy and wishing you a speedy recovery.

“I always bank with you! As always we are here for whatever you need. ” former reality boy Luis Mateucci, who befriended on this kind of program, wrote:

Gisela Gallardo was one of those who wrote to Mila, and she mostly sent encouragement to Mila. She said, “You can get out of here…you will live, you will have beautiful children and you will tell this story. There are no winners or losers in this battle, just fighters who teach us how to live.” he commented.

Similarly, Eugenia Lemos described the former reality girl as:warrior, beautiful, brave . Move forward with all your faith, lots of love and a positive heart. i love isle “

May the universe heal you and always shine . Strong hugs, beautiful,” former Playboy Bunny Daniela Chavez wrote.

Among other real girls who gave words to Mila Also present were Rocio Marengo, Valentina Ross and Catherine Bodice. .

“Very strong Airen. You will rise from here stronger than ever! positive mind.Big hugs,” Ross left in the comments

“Giant Warrior!!! Oh!You are an inspiring example for us at [email protected]. With lots of strength and love all over the world! ! You are going to get out of here! marengo said:

“Much love and peace. What courage and bravery you have . This should be too difficult. There are no words to encourage what you are going through. Sending you lots of love and the best energy,” Bodice wrote.

Similarly, former reality girl Mira Correa, who survived breast cancer in 2022, dedicated a message to the model.

“My cute baby: you are beautiful in every way i am proud of you And too happy for you. Sending all my love,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

Also in attendance were Teresita Comentz, Alejandra Araya and Daniela Castro.

Source: Biobiochile

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