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‘This is really my skin’: Airen Mira reveals her natural face after months of hiding cancer



The influencer also shared an image of herself without makeup after battling breast cancer for months without her followers knowing.

Former reality girl Airen Mira reveals she’s been battling triple-negative breast cancer for months He shared a video on social networks showing how chemo makes his skin look.

This comes after he reported that he had masked his appearance with a wig and makeup for months. He decided to start reporting on his own condition.

“Strength to all who are going through my situation! Now I want to help them and motivate them. ” Shortly after discussing his health with , he wrote on his Instagram story:

Alongside the text, the influencer appears in a makeup-removing video, calling out to her followers.

“And they’ll wonder why I’m so slow. But Chemotherapy, among other things, causes some insomnia. ” he explained, referring to how to remove makeup.

“This is a piece of reality that I want to share” said while making a part of her face look red.

“This is my skin make up. Clearly the result of chemotherapy, but everything is fine and nothing is wrong. They know it, so I don’t influence them to show it in the end,” he said.

In it, he also showed how he removed makeup from one eye. “Obviously, I’m doing this eyeliner to look good.”This is a reality that has been difficult for me to share for a long time. ” He expressed that while posing on that side of his face.

“Skin is one of the organs most affected by chemotherapy,” he said shortly after.

this is my skin It burns and tingles a little. . I am pretty much in control with products for atopic skin and a certain chamomile cream. It’s important not to saturate the skin,” he wrote under his record.

Before and after removing Airen Mira's makeup.
instagram capture

This morning Mila wanted to show her face again. No makeup or wig this time. “This is how my cheeks wake up today after chemo.” she wrote, adding a picture of her blushing and wearing a hat.

Thus, he said his cheeks were “red and inflamed by corticosteroids or the drug Taxol, and fluid.”

I’m not ashamed of myself . It took me months to tell it because I had already assumed it. It was my process,” he said at the time.

Airen Mira, a former Chika reality who takes a natural pose.
instagram capture

Source: Biobiochile

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