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Jacob Tremblay on ‘The Little Mermaid’ controversy over Flounder and Chilean roots: ‘Perfect’



The 16-year-old actor is one of Hollywood’s big hopes, and today he’s starring in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

Jacob Tremblay he was 12 when he was cast for the role flounder The live-action version of Ariel’s adorable little fish friend. little mermaid .

Four years have passed since then, and there have been many changes in his life as an actor, including his voice. In fact, in a conversation with him, bio bio chili it is the same interpreter that jokes with the subject.

Today, Tremblay, who gave a thrilling performance alongside Brie Larson in Room (2015), is quite a teenager and even his physical features have changed.

He has kept his sweet face, but is now a tall, skinny young man on his way to becoming a Hollywood star.

Jacob Tremblay
Room | EFE

Starring Hal Bailey, this film maintains some elements of the 1989 animated classic, but changes others, some of which many admire, others of which divide the world. I have.

flounder That’s one of them. And while his appearance in live action is a far cry from the character we met in the anime version, Tremblay’s voice gives him the sweetness needed to keep us liking him.

Jacob Tremblay on Flounder: ‘He’s perfect just the way he is’

The actor told us that he first saw Flounder’s designs when he auditioned for the film’s director, Rob Marshall.

“My first thought was that he’s really cool. I trusted Rob completely because he obviously knows exactly what he’s doing. because,” he recalled.

“And when I saw the movie, I think it was very beautifully done. it looks like,” he continued. .


“And the way they come to life and start dancing is like you can go to the ocean and see it,” he added.

“The way they did it was great and I don’t think they should have done it any other way. It’s live action and I think it’s perfect as it is,” he concluded.

“It’s realistic and feels like this is what’s happening in the real ocean. I think it’s very well done,” he also defended.

“I got goosebumps”

When it was announced that Hal Bailey would be the new Ariel, the controversy didn’t stop because she was an African-American actress.

However, his acting and voice are now being praised by critics and have changed many minds.

For Jacob Tremblay, hearing her sing for the first time was one of the most treasured memories of the film.

“I think what I will forever remember is when I heard Halle sing for the first time. It was just in rehearsal and it was really cool and everyone was there and that was the pre-production process. I think it was,” he recalled.

“Then we watched all the rehearsals, and of course we rehearsed all the songs, and I think the timing had been decided… so I could hear Halle singing in person,” she said. remembered.

“It was just a rehearsal, but she is so talented and she did a great job without any effort. I did.” I conceded.

“Follow your heart”

Quitting being yourself for the sake of love isn’t a good message, much less getting married in three days, than the criticism the story of The Little Mermaid is currently receiving. However, there are some peculiarities in this live action. Exclusivity plus lessons too.

For the actor, the main message to children is, “What I mean is, they just follow their hearts.”

“Obviously, kids have a lot of passions from an early age, and what this movie shows is that it’s very important to pursue those passions, to be really yourself and to love the people you love. I think it shows,” she said.

The film also explores Ariel’s relationship with her father, King Triton, who disapproves of the young mermaid’s curiosity about humans.

“[The film]obviously has elements of the father-daughter relationship and the importance of letting go. I think that’s really beautiful.”

Chilean roots

Little is known about Tremblay, who voiced Luka, as having Chilean roots on his mother’s side.

He was born in Canada, but his grandfather is Chilean, just like his mother.

“Unfortunately, I’ve never been to[Chile]. It’s definitely on my wish list,” he said.

“I really want to go because there are still a lot of families who live there and would love to visit. I know it’s a beautiful place,” he added.

Another big aspiration of this young actor is to learn Spanish. “I wish my grandfather taught my mother Spanish, but I don’t know why they didn’t. That’s how they taught me.” It’s obviously beautiful. I think it’s a language, so I definitely want to learn it. ”

little mermaid Now showing in theaters nationwide.

Source: Biobiochile

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