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‘You don’t know how much I laughed’: Gonzalo Valenzuela and Kika Silva’s first date impasse



The actor opened up about how they started dating and how he’s been on a long-distance relationship with Silva, who now lives in the United States.

Actor Gonzalo Valenzuela discusses his relationship with model Francisca “Kika” Silva, looks back on how he’s coping with his long-distance relationship, and talks about a particular situation he went through during their first date. rice field.

Valenzuela was also one of the guests Goodnight everyone So Eduardo Fuentes started by asking her about her romance and also how they met and when the romance started.

“I had known her for a long time and had spoken to her a few times, but nothing happened between us,” the interpreter said.Then he declared It all happened during the Viña del Mar festival Valenzuela served on the jury.

i saw her at the gala . There was something like a catwalk there, from which there was a gala show in the back. Kika was standing behind her and I went over and said hello to her and said ‘hello how are you’ and she was wearing that dress,” she recalled.

The dress itself made headlines in the media after Silva appeared at an event in a black, transparent dress that paid homage to the dress worn by Cecilia Borocco in 2007. Valenzuela made no comments about his style.

“We were there talking and I was sitting 10 meters back to smoke,” he recalled. “Suddenly I look and say to myself: “No, I’m an idiot.” . She was wearing that dress and she was back there and what a shame she didn’t[comment on her dress],” she said with a laugh.

“I left there and then I bumped into her. I told him I was embarrassed. We started talking and one day we went outside and played a DJ. ” he then narrated.

In it, Mr. Fuentes wanted to know how their relationship developed and how he got Silva’s phone number.

“What do you care about?” Valenzuela asked jokingly. “no, Okay, so I asked her out on a date.” he said later.

Gonzalo Valenzuela and Kika Silva first date

But that first outing It ended with a special anecdote that goes beyond the typical tensions of dating.

“I asked her out on a date. We hopped in the car on day one and oh! Kika arrived with a hiccup.” commented, mimicking his current partner’s hiccups.

“He came in and was like, ‘Hey hip!'” How are you? Hip! (sic),” he imitated.

“Oh, hiccups…” I don’t know how much I laughed. super flirtatious” “I didn’t drink anything (even alcohol),” Silva said at the time.

In early May, Silva returned to his home in Los Angeles, USA. Their relationship had grown distant.

Regarding this kind of relationship, Valenzuela pointed out: “We have to see day by day” that is, to live “the only thing that matters to me now is (it is)”.

People always try to project things that some roads don’t allow. And the frustration is terrible,” she explained, noting that Chilean women sometimes return to the country.

Similarly, in early May, a businessman affirmed:Gonzalo supported me in everything And I will meet him soon. “

In addition to returning to normal life, Silva said there was another reason to return to California. it was because he tried to keep pushing his business forward STET.

In that branch he also claimed:There are several TV projects for Chile But it will be recorded overseas.

Source: Biobiochile

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