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‘Lack of culture’: Emetério Ureta cornered by Cecilia Borocco for the surname of Maximo Menem



The influencer, businessman and designer was heavily criticized by businessmen in 2021 after he tagged his son with “@maximobolocco,” a pseudonym he adopted on his social networks.

Chilean businessman Emetério Ureta, also known as “El Marquez del Arayán”, has criticized former Miss Universe Cecilia Borocco. She accused her son Máximo Menem Borocco of changing his surname.

It all happened in her birthday publication, which is her businesswoman. I wanted to thank Menem and her husband Jose “Pepo” Dyer for their actions.

“Oh my birthday @maximoboloco surprised me with candles and cake at lunchtime and my dear @pepodaire prepared the party at night!!!! “I give nothing more than love and gratitude,” she, who is also an influencer, wrote on the social network.

However, in congratulatory words and greetings, Ms Ureta said she was annoyed when Mr Borocco labeled her son “@maximobolocco”.

“please, You don’t seem to be thinking about anything. Lack of culture and social friction. Even if you deny it, your son is Menem,” he commented in the publication.

“It’s so upsetting for a mother to change her son’s surname. what a shame! ” he continued in an online review, which received mixed reactions from users pointing out that 18-year-olds decided their names on social networks.

Emetério Ureta's comment on Cecilia Borocco's post.

Former Argentinian President Carlos Menem and Miss Universe Cecilia Borocco will have a son in 2021 Changed Instagram handle from “@maximomenem” to “@maximobolocco” a fact that was not ignored at the time.

So the young influencer declared: He said the surname order hasn’t changed, but he felt more comfortable with his mother’s surname.

At that branch, after being asked about changing the order of surnames, the TV host declared, “I will support Maximo in everything.”

“He knows I’m unconditional with himYou know what my opinion is. It makes me happy” Borocco affirmed.

In early 2022, Menem spoke to Velvet magazine about different aspects of his life. among them, commented on his complicated relationship with his late father Carlos Menem.

According to the young man, the relationship was difficult in all respects, but especially with his sister, Zulemita Menem, who was 33 years older than him. “It was very difficult to contact him (his father) . It was long, so in the end we called one of his guardians, but it got difficult,” he recalled at the time.

Source: Biobiochile

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