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For Lenin’s Park and Valley of Flowers, two of the first three Aipa awards for high viewership



The most watched episode last year was Ja, Chef!

The AIPA organization has been awarding domestic audiovisual works for the third year. The prize – for the highest viewership – went to the TV series Ja, Chef! in the production of Pro Plus, which is followed in second and third place by Lenin’s Park and Valley of the Roses, produced by TV Slovenia.

With the “seven stars of Orion”, the collective organization Aipa highlighted the works that were the most watched on cable broadcasting last year, and from these, the expert jury selected three more acting achievements.

Humorous series Yes, Chef! recorded in the most watched episode last year 272,692 viewers. The second prize is with a little more than 256,000 viewers the first episode received a series Lenin Park produced by RTV Slovenia, and the third Valley of flowers in the same production. Her first part was a good one 243,000 viewers.

The other four awards went to serials In the name of the people 2, Ax in between, A white warrior in a black suit and Trigrad. The first and last were produced by RTV Slovenija, while the other two were produced by Pro Plus and Bela Filma respectively.

Iva Krajnc was a guest actress in one of Taras Birsa's cases.  Photo: RTV Slovenia

Slovenian series? “But who’s watching this?”As the director said Metod the Singer as one of the initiators of the award, together with the seven stars of Orion, they fight against prejudices that Slovenian AV works are not watched and watchable. Since the statistics show otherwise and they are even viewed more than news programs, he expressed the hope that politics will also understand this when further changing the copyright legislation. According to him, this could be more flexible in terms of encouraging creativity, similar to what is the case in some European countries.

In the AIPA institute, which collects and distributes royalties, according to the director, Gregor Štibernik decided on a measurable award that shows which works are most noticed by viewers. As he estimated, 270,000 viewers is a good figure compared to foreign AV works and shows that domestic AV works are extremely popular.

Orion’s brightest acting starsBelieving that there are still many high-quality film and AV productions that do not record such a viewership, they also awarded awards chosen by the jury in addition to the stars of Orion. Columnist Leon Magdalenc, publicist Jedrt Jež Furlan, fine artist Zora Stančič and architect Boštjan Vuga awarded three equivalent awards for acting achievements among the mentioned seven serials. They received the brightest stars of Orion Jurij Zrnec and Katarina Chas for roles in the series Yes, Chef! and Saša Tabakovič for an application in Valleys of flowers.

It’s not all about viewership: Butnscale for artistryIn addition, the jury awarded three other equivalents butnskal awards, named after the radio play by Emil Filipčič and Marko Derganac and the film Francia Slak, namely for authorial boldness and creative originality. These works are not necessarily viewed as a record, but in the opinion of the jurors, they represent author’s excesses and influence on the Slovenian AV scene. They got the prizes Andrina Mračnikar for a documentary Disappearing, Robert Petan for the video Rad Te Volim – RTV Songwhich was created during the referendum campaign for RTV Slovenia, and the authors Žigan Krajnčan, Kristijan Krajnčan and Lev Predan Kowarski for the music video The flame of love.

The president of the jury, Magdalenc, also mentioned that in the last three years, original works have prevailed over the central news program, and, according to him, the jury had both an easy and a difficult job. Maybe because in the first case they chose from the most watched works, and hardly because in the case of butnskal they had their hands open in the otherwise very wide range of works from last year.

As a novelty this year, they also awarded a prize for a study AV work, named after the director Žarko Luznik (1953-1988). With it, Aipa wants to support young and unestablished creators in the transition from the study environment to the professional environment. A jury consisting of animator and director Špela Čadež, director of photography Rado Likon and Pevec chose the student Lea Cernica for an animated film Pentola.

Source: Rtvslo

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