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‘A role model for many’: Marco Ferri’s emotional message to Aylen Mirá after telling him he has cancer



The former reality boy congratulated Mila on being able to talk about her status on social networks after confessing that she hid it for months.

This Thursday, former Chica Reality star Airen Mira told her followers that she’s been battling breast cancer for months, and various faces of the show sent messages to influencers, including: There was also a message. her ex-partner, Marco Ferri;

the ferry he spent with i love the test, would you like to get back with your exin addition to other international reality shows, Had a deep relationship with Mila became known for several breakups and comebacks.

“Here’s an example of what matters most to most people: How do you handle life’s most difficult moments?” Ferri wrote in a comment on the publication.

At that branch, the former reality boy continued: “congratulations. I’m glad you shared your strength. I always believed in you I love you”.

The love story of Airen Mirra and Marco Ferri

Mila and Ferri met on a reality show in 2014 test love. So, The influencer attended with his partner at the time, model Leandro Penna . However, the Argentinian eventually caught the attention of the Argentinian model and began to conquer her.

Thus the couple was born, Ended up in the final and finished second Before Romina Ansaldo and Pedro Astorga.

The couple stayed together until the new reality show came out. Do you want to get back with your ex? There is Ferri shared with Gala Caldirola, and while Mila was away, little by little she began to get closer to the Spaniard.

However, Ayrenn’s arrival in reality ended up sparking a series of disagreements with Gara and a claim against Marco. In this way, after repeated battles with Caldirolla, Mila and Ferri slowly reconciled and returned.

So the couple took fourth place, sharing again, this time on the Spanish reality show. vip big brother.So the couple wasn’t far from controversy After Mira’s jealousy and Ferri’s approach to the other contestants.

In 2021, Mila said on her social networks that she was no longer with her Italian partner. “He searched for me and found me so far. rice field the 4th.

“As soon as I burst into tears again, I said, ‘I’m not here,'” he commented, affirming:we are friends and i love him so much . But friends, it’s over. “

Source: Biobiochile

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