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‘I hope this helps you be more humble’: Pilar Ruiz’s message to Airen Mira sparked rejection on networks



Both models were partners in the 2015 reality show Amor a Prueba.

columbia model Pilar Lewis received harsh criticism after leaving a message for a colleague Airen Mira confirmed her diagnosis this Wednesday. breast cancer.

“What a terrible life you lead! I hope this whole situation helps you to be more humble.” Luis, who was Mila’s partner on the reality show Amor a Prueva, wrote:

“We’re not the untouchables, so how did you feel at some point?” he added.

Airen Mira

Luis and Mila partnered on Mega’s reality show Amor a Prueva in 2015, but their relationship never went well, as Airen was friends with someone Pilar didn’t get along with.

However, the Colombian athlete had to withdraw from space due to an accident during the competition.

Redes face Airen Mirra and Pilar Ruiz

By the time the memo was closed, Pilar Ruiz’s message had received over a thousand comments questioning the Colombians from supporters of Airen Mira.

“She’s talking about humility… your comment is so irrelevant, was it necessary? Oh, of course you need a screen.” “I hope you can live with the regret of not forgetting your grudges, even during this difficult time for her,” another follower wrote.

“Sister, I’m so embarrassed. I say it from the bottom of my heart. You had an accident in Miami and you asked for a refund because you can’t pay the hospital bills, right?” another user added.

This netizen was referring to a serious car accident Lewis suffered in Miami in 2017. In the process, Lewis suffered internal bleeding and severe injuries to his legs and face.

“Your words speak precisely of poverty and of your great spirit. In this process, it is futile to rummage through past wounds. Remember you had to start from scratch after experiencing death,” another user wrote.

Recall that Airen Mirra was specifically diagnosed with the same triple-negative breast cancer that Claudia Conserva suffers from, and had to undergo 16 rounds of chemotherapy for it.

“I’m not lying, this is always a cycle of ups and downs, in my case I’ve had more happy moments than sad ones,[I thought]I’m going through all the tools I have and myself.” “I’m positive,” he said.

“Of course, whenever I can, because I’ve had moments where I’ve cried on the floor or dragged myself to the bathroom because it made me feel sick,” he revealed.

Pilar Ruiz, meanwhile, left Chile a few years ago and settled in Spain.

Source: Biobiochile

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