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‘You have to know your failures’: Patricia Maldonado cries in mockery, criticizes Vesta Rag



Consensus critics criticized Lag’s response to videos of users on social networks making fun of her, due to the small audience during her presentation, which was performed as the “opening act” for singer Emilia.

A video of Chilean-Canadian singer Vesta Lug breaking down in tears has gone viral after being ridiculed on social networks. Critic Patricia Maldonado criticized the singer asserts, “To know fame, you must know failure.”

Specifically, users posted various hateful comments after a video was uploaded of Lag singing in front of an audience who had to “open” for Argentinean singer Emilia.

However, in his program IndomitableMaldonado wanted to mention the video despite the fact that the artist started talking and crying. “I don’t know what this girl is doing, I don’t know what her show is.” . I don’t know her very well. Sorry for her ignorance, she had no idea what she was doing.

“I will remember my great teacher, Fernando González, who had a great deal of respect for the table and said: Before you go on stage, no one has arrived. it may be said, The person who paid for the ticket should be respected by the actors and should act like the theater is full . I never forgot,” said the opinion scholar.

In that branch he criticized: “Young people, these new singers and artists, they are not prepared for success or failure . They start making money and we start buying cars, it’s crazy. They are not ready for when there is no public space. “

Therefore, he argued that this type of artist: “They go home crying because they are not prepared for this problem.” . “To know fame must know failure . Must be built. The ground floor is where we store our ideas,” he added shortly after.

in his ex video BKNMore, the artist responds to a publicly available video midway through the concert. So he affirms, “It was very heavy for me. It was one of the first shows I’ve ever been to and one I was proud of, but there were very few people there. ” .

“I was making fun of the lack of people (…) It’s hard to be a singer, hard to start something you don’t know Please change your course at the age of 28,” he said tearfully.

Despite Patricia Maldonado’s comments, Vesta Rag was backed by former partner and friend Francisca García-Huidobro and Carlos Figueroa, director of the Viña del Mar Festival Orchestra.

“Vesta, I respect and love you. She’s talented, she’s cute, and I envy her for everything. and they’re going to claim FIFA,” the former suggested foreground.

“I imagine that when you sing at the Movistar Arena, friends and friends, it’s full of people. It doesn’t even apply to pins on your birthday (…) because if not , It’s your soul that’s rotten, slash it.” he added.

Similarly, Figueroa points out that: It’s full of angry and cowardly people . Come on, you are more than that. “I just want to say that you are a fine professional and you have a long way to go. I assure you it’s important.” co-creators Beto Cuevas and Franco Simone wrote:

Source: Biobiochile

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