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“I thought I was very complicated,” said Jorge Valdivia after being admitted to the psychiatric ward.



The former footballer has spoken out about his days spent in a psychiatric ward after suffering a nervous breakdown. He asserted that messages on social networks were affected.

this thursday Jorge Valdivia He returned to his work as a commentator after a complicated day in the psychiatric ward of the Catholic University Clinic and embroiled in a new dispute with Daniela Aranguiz.

according to what he had the 4thThe former footballer spoke for the first time on the ADN space about the mental health issues he experienced.

In this sense, Valdivia said the hateful messages on social networks that have circulated in recent days have had a big impact on him.

“These are the moments when I felt very complicated about myself. I felt I needed it, and I needed some alone time without cell phones and social networks,” he said.

“Social networks can dry you out. The medium you publish things in is part of the thing. Here we say anything and maybe publish it again from another medium, but I stop at the social network, an acidic, aggressive and ruthless medium,” he added.

Lastly, a working football analyst appreciated the importance of taking care of one’s mental health in the modern age.

“There are many people who worry about you and send messages of support. But people always carry negativity. It is a human evil and we usually take time to answer it. Instead of being grateful for the positive things,” he commented.

“If there is anything to be gained from this situation, it is that there is no need to be ashamed.

Source: Biobiochile

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