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Natalia Valdebenito joins Denis Malebran in ‘Round’: questions friendship with Rodolfo Carter



Both were divided on Twitter. It all started when a user questioned Malebran’s friendship with the mayor of Florida.

a few days ago Denise Malebran He surprised many by talking about his friendship with Rodolfo Carter. Several people asked the singer questions on Twitter this Thursday. Natalia Valdebenito.

It all started when users tagged the artist on the aforementioned social network and indicated they were “horrified” by the news.

Malevran decided to answer: Are you frightened that everything happening in this country is happening so fast?

“To me it seems like the most normal thing to ‘want’ to have different friends And learn from those differences. Good morning,” he added.

Based on this, the person again criticized the artist. “The feelings of affection for someone who embezzled his own commune, constantly attacked President Boric, and belonged to the same political branch as Pinochet seems frightening to me, Dennis.” I didn’t. “

As the Saiko vocalist claimed, the situation didn’t end there. “I live in Florida, no embezzlement. Similar administrative disagreements as Stgo/Maipu/Valpo, and probably more.”

“Political differences do not make us enemies. I have friends who love to blow, and I still love them even when they are a burden to me.

Natalia Valdebenito vs Denis Malebran

The truth is that a few hours later it was Natalia Valdebenito who interrupted the conversation and insisted on asking Malebran.

“Don’t defend him, he’ll back off. It doesn’t matter that he’s your friend. He’s a blackmailer and it’s always better to look at reality,” said the comedian.

A few hours later, the singer again addressed the topic: You’re interrogating me about having friends you hate, and I’m telling you in a very kind way that we’re not all politically colored when it comes to feeling affection. I tried to make you understand. I don’t need to explain to them and I don’t intend to explain to them either. “

But Mr. Valdebenito again made his point. “Your friend is an idiot. And although this way of defining is not kind, I think the concept is too small for that. He is an opportunist. ”

“He took advantage of the misfortunes of others to make himself look good. Your love for him is irrelevant when we are in a political crisis. You should know by now,” he said. closed.

Source: Biobiochile

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