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Claudia Conserva confirms cancer-free at end of ‘Brava’ ‘I’m done, the last thing left’



In the final chapter of her documentary, the cheerleader claimed her latest tests revealed good news. You must proceed with caution.

In the final chapter of the documentary Brava, aired on tvN, Claudia Reserve Confirmed that she managed to recover from breast cancer, which was discovered in mid-2022.

The cheerleader claimed this information was passed on to her by her primary care physician after an excision and chemotherapy had taken effect.

“I am very happy because the biopsy showed no evidence of cancer. I am cancer free. You cannot imagine the joy of being able to meditate and congratulate and communicate the positive results of each of your organs. We won, we won,” he said on the show.

“I am happy to be cancer free. Cancer is over, the last one is left. Happened, happened, fool (sic), I hit him, I hit him,” the communicator tearfully added.

The news also touched the heart of her cheerleader sister, Fran Conserva, who was walking with her on the beach at the time.

Testimony of Claudia Conserva

After that, the driver mature woman He claimed he had bypassed a very important part of the treatment, adding that he shouldn’t let his guard down.

“It was wonderful and exciting. When we talk about cancer, we can never be certain that it won’t come back within a few years. But at least this first battle has already been won,” he stressed.

Finally, oncologist Juan Cristóbal Celis argued that treatment should be continued longer.

“Cancer has a risk of recurrence and regardless of tumor subtype, it is a persistent risk and can recur after up to 10 years. There is,” said the expert.

Source: Biobiochile

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