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‘You are amazing’: Joséro defends his mother to win the love of Como La Vida Misma fans



In fiction, the character gave a speech defending her mother from her siblings. His words were met with applause.

There was a touching scene in the soap opera this Thursday “Like life itself”, the characters in it Josero (Maximiliano Salgado) has won the love of fans for his work. This was after a speech in which he defended his mother against his two brothers’ criticism.

Problems began when Carol and Damien found out that their mother, Soledad Garcia (Sigrid Alegria), was dating Alonso Valdes (Diego Muñoz).

In fiction, two young men hope to resume their marriage to Marco Morales (Andrés Velasco), whom the woman divorced many years ago.

Josero’s speech itself at Como La Vida

In this way, the two tell their mother that they don’t want to sit at the table at dinner. But Josero steps in to make them come to reason.

“This little boy seems to have forgotten everything you have done for us since you left his father. They forget who does the laundry, who irons our clothes, who stays with us until dawn if any of us are sick. ” start.

“Just because you know My mother has the right to rebuild her life by dating someone she likes. And if a man named Alonso makes her happy, the least we can do is, really, support her,” she added.

Finally, he stressed that the woman had taken over all the family’s financial affairs all this time because her father had not paid alimony.

As expected, the scene received a lot of reaction on social networks, with many praising Max Salgado’s character’s speech.

Source: Biobiochile

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