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“It is important to learn from what you have lived”, Lydia Avila



Focusing on the 30-year tour of OV7, the group that brought it to international success, singer Lidia Avila from Mexico spoke in celebration of this project, which originated as a children’s musical in 1989, called La Onda Vaselina and created by the actress. and producer Julisa. In 1997 he became the youth group Onda Vaselina with the album Entrega total, and in 1999 he became independent as OV7.

After the Covid-19 pandemic and knowing the ups and downs of life, 43-year-old Lydia admits that her priority today is her children Sofia and Eric, as well as her marriage to Isaac de Hita, to her group tour and any solo projects. He must adapt to this situation, that he lives fully, knowing that life is a moment and that it is important to enjoy each day as if it were the last.

What are your thoughts on El Salvador?
I believe El Salvador and all the people from the Central American countries we have visited feel so close… I don’t feel like it’s a different country, I feel like we’re the same. People are very loving and we don’t go out much, but when they wrote us in the calendar it was an incredible emotion.

Does the OV7 bioseries project always come up?
We’ve made progress with the people who are producing it, but it’s the producer, it’s the writing team, it’s the platform it’s going to air on — that’s not decided yet. And it’s a long process because we’re seven stories tall, but it’s still standing, and if it’s not this year, it will be next, but we’re happy with the project.

Will characters like Daniel, a former member of Onda Vaselina, be involved?
Of course, yes, I can’t say for sure, it will be based on us and all the characters that have been involved throughout our career will be represented in one way or another.

Now that regional Mexican music is trending like never before, thanks to Featherweight, Camilo or Bad Bunny, would you bet on it in your solo career?
I thought only of this and said: Look: if only this had happened when I went alone! When we said goodbye in 2003, I had recorded three albums and where I actually worked the most was in the US; Yes in Mexico, but I had the ring of OV7, the pop girl, and it was hard for me to make the move, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea now.

During the pandemic, I recorded some songs that I took back when I was a soloist, made new versions of them, and now I have released two: “Ciega” and “La llorona” versions, which are already on all platforms. ; And four more coming as a side project on the OV7 tour that runs until December… But you gave me an idea, I’m going to work on something to give you little surprises next year.

The singer confirms that his priority is family, above any project of the artist.

The singer confirms that his priority is family, above any project of the artist.

Have you thought about collaborating with a few colleagues?
I want! I love Eden Muñoz, Christian Nodal, Angela Aguilar, I know I’m out of generation but I don’t look too bad, we can look modern!

Also remembered as the protagonist of series like “Palabra de mujer” and “Claps”… Will we see you in acting again?
Never say never, but the truth is that novels take up a lot of time and my husband won’t let me… (laughs) It’s not like that! The truth is, I loved doing them, but it’s not what I’m passionate about. I think I have to be very honest with myself to do a project that I really like… maybe a series, something that doesn’t absorb so many months of being locked in a forum. I’d love to do musical theater, voice over a movie – which I’ve never done – or a movie, but it’s a children’s or family project because I want my kids to see it.
The projects I’ve taken on over the years are the ones that allow me to continue my mom life, to be at home with my husband and family. Priorities definitely change, and for me that’s the most important thing.

Who are your best friends in OV7?
Really “the goat” (Óscar) and Mariana. It’s so funny with her, because when we were little girls there was always some itching, jealousy, envy, but after we got pregnant for the first time together – because our two children were born at the same time – we made incredible chemistry. Because motherhood brought us together in a different way. And El Chivo is my brother, my confidant, he would say: my sister… is a great guy, he and his wife are the best.

What message do you want to convey to Salvadorans?
Thank you so much for always showing such love and affection for making us feel this closeness. I believe that at this time, after all that we as humans have been through, it is important to learn from what we have experienced, and if we don’t, we have not learned anything that is truly important in this life.

Enjoy your day and I tell you knowingly: last year I lost my brother, my mother and sister… the truth is we don’t know when we are here and when we are not, enjoy your parents, your families, your children and whatever you do, enjoy every day as if it Be your last. First of all, this June 10th is going to be amazing!


Two Shows Producciones presents OV7 this Saturday, June 10, at the Cuscatlán complex. Locations are: VIP seats, $45; Platinum seats $85, VIP tables $115 and Platinum tables $135.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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