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‘He didn’t deserve this’: Claudia Conserva and the psychological effects she had after beating cancer



The communicator gave some thought to the impact the cancer left behind. “Just because you said, ‘There’s no more cancer in your body,’ doesn’t necessarily mean I’m fine, because my head and my heart weren’t fine,” she said. he says

The final chapter airs Thursday night Bravais a documentary series by Claudia Conserva that chronicles her recovery after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022. But the series didn’t end there. He also wanted to portray what happened psychologically after the illness.

After ringing the bell in the oncology area, Conserva prepares to go on vacation with her husband, Juan Carlos Valdivia. “The idea is to rest” he said, assuring him that he was still receiving treatment despite not having cancer.

According to Conserva, the trip was to “an island where everything is half hippie, not so crowded and with no cars around.” We thought, because people are walking and it’s a very small place. It was a good place to reunite and relax. ” .

Valdivia explained that the idea was “to be alone on a more intimate level.” Recognize what happened and meet and discuss , evaluate what happened and how to continue. “

In it, the TV host said they offered her and her family spiritual help after being informed she did not have cancer, but for the joy of the moment, They didn’t think it was necessary, so they decided to reject it. .

“I don’t know if I will refuse again today. When my body and mind were at their limit, I cried out for help. ” then became clear.

Because, despite the excitement of the Conserva, not everything was rosy with the long-awaited trip.

“Something very strange is happening to me. We have been on vacation in this beautiful place for three days and I cried for three days. . I’m in a terrible depression,” she commented in one of the videos, clearly affected.

“Now I live a psychological distortion in my own physical body. The only thing that sticks in your head after an experience like this is shit.” continued the Conserva.

According to Milf’s host, she was “in tears” the entire time. Likewise, he sobbed and declared, “The ‘chicken’ had to go on eating alone.” tears streamed down my eyes . He said to me, ‘Don’t worry, go to your room and recover’. “

“When I got to my room, I couldn’t stop crying. I am very sorry that ‘Chicken’ has gone through something like thisMore . I cried every day because he made vacation plans for me. I can’t stop agonizing…he doesn’t deserve this,” she continued tearfully.

Claudia Conserva Mental Exhaustion

According to Valdivia, the decompensation his wife experienced was It was because of the fatigue his battle with cancer meant on a mental level.

“He expended a lot of energy and obviously the bill passed to him after he recovered. All of those feelings had to be dropped at some point. They are embedded emotions: anxiety, anger that had to be thrown away with tears, which is very healthy. The body had to let go of its tension and sadness,” explained the entertainer.

To break out of the cycle of anguish Koselva experienced during that vacation, The couple talked and agreed to enjoy the trip. A little relief from the strict care measures of Conserva and you will feel relaxed.

“It was very good for me. In the days we spent together, we connected, talked, laughed, walked, had adventures, reflected… It was the best invitation my husband gave me. ” beaches, restaurants, and mentioned the entertainer while showing couples strolling in nature.

“I’ve taken many pills for depression, but sometimes I just don’t feel anything. But this guy there made me feel incredulous. You negate the effects of the pills (…) a very bad effect, because it makes me infinitely happy,” Cheerleader refers to her husband on another note.

“Just because you said, ‘You don’t have cancer in your body,’ doesn’t necessarily mean I’m fine,” Conserva said of the moment. my head, my heart, ’cause it wasn’t right I have been on meds and this has been a very long process and I am chewing through it now so probably not today either. “

“I am deciding what to do with the rest of my life. I am in a long process.” hills.

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