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‘What he did was very worthwhile and powerful’: Helenia Melan highlights Airen Mira’s attitude towards cancer



The influencer highlighted Mila’s courage, saying that when she talks about her cancer on social networks, she “will be exposed to what people say and everyone who comments about your diagnosis or illness.” affirmed.

This week, influencer and former reality girl Airen Mirra revealed that she had battled breast cancer for months, but hid the illness from her social networks. she is that Friends of the model sent cheers and highlighted Mila’s bravery To speak the truth in front of thousands of believers.

in a conversation with MonthModel and influencer Helenia Melan emphasized: It obviously makes you more anxious and creates even greater anxiety. ” .

“That’s why what he’s done is so valuable and powerful. She got over it and is now focused on recovery. ” explained Melan.

The influencer also stressed that he was “admiring” Mila too much. “I think she is a very brave woman. Thank you for keeping this diagnosis private so I can live my process in good health. No public reaction or anything they say,” he said.

Paula Boratti Befriends Mila on Reality Show Do you want to get back with your ex?also underlined Mila’s attitude about how she reported her illness, and she wanted to mention her hopes for recovery.

“He conveyed a lot of optimism. Your message is an encouragement to move forward.he encouraged us all to fight the battle She’s fighting hard, so I think we had strength,” he reflected.

In that branch she argued: “She said she was enjoying the moment more than anything else. I liked the way he said it.” They really want to move on, fight and live today. And let’s work so that we can be healthy tomorrow as well.”

Early Thursday morning, Mila shared a video revealing she has “very advanced” breast cancer.

“I kept quiet for months until I thought I had enough power to do this and now is the time,” he said. He assured me that he had already undergone 16 rounds of chemotherapy.

“Obviously, and I say it with great pride, I don’t care if I have no hair, I don’t have eyebrows, I don’t care either. I don’t have a tab… To be honest, I’m tired of pretending.” he admitted.

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