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Mario Kreuzberger marries granddaughter to another woman: ‘We have to adapt to the times’



The communicator referred to his relationship with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, noting that now “you can see how your child grows and how their gestures change.”

Iconic TV host Mario Kreutzberger, better known as “Don Francisco” He mentioned that his granddaughter Nicole Namhauser and Stephanie Bruce Maxwell got married in late 2022.

Kreutzberger will be the final guest of the show season i’ll go find youThere he talks with Francisco Saavedra about different aspects of his life. Especially about relationships with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Saavedra therefore asked the former. huge saturday About his granddaughter’s marriage to another woman. “We have to adapt to changing times” responded promptly, according to prior information he had access to bio bio chili .

At the branch, he said, “societies are also improving, learning and balancing. Historically, the world lives in that balance. ” .

Fellow entertainer Vivi Kreuzberger during December 2022 He shared various photos of his daughter’s marriage on social networks.

In the record The existence of Mario Kreutzberger can be confirmed at the party shone on the dance floor with her granddaughter and daughter.

Similarly, the conversation program also analyzes Kreuzberger How has your hard work affected your family life? where he devoted himself to national and international television.

Therefore, even when testing new work projects, the animator affirmed that during his best years on television, he could not enjoy children at an early age. What she is doing today with her great-grandchildren.

“The birth and growth of my great-grandchild was an encounter that I had never experienced… See how the child grows, how his gestures change, I missed it in my life And now I am recovering,” he asserted.

Similarly, Mr. Kreutzberger recalls the children’s childhood absences, and after one of the children handed him a piece of paper with the word “time” written on it, the children went to the therapist and asked for their help. He pointed out that he made a “special Tuesday.” The entertainers enjoyed the afternoon with them.

“I worked until noon and the kids came home. They were never forgotten and it lasted for several years. ” Said.

Source: Biobiochile

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