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Chilean streamer who asked Farkas for help had to return part of his deposit because ‘the bank was wrong’



A young woman reported that the bank had made a mistake on her deposit and had to return part of it, but the businessman left her more money.

In early May, a Chilean streamer known on social networks as Andras He publicly appealed to Chilean businessman Leonardo Farkas for medical care.

At the time, the influencer uploaded the video to his Twitter account and wrote: “Dear Mr. Leonard Farkas, I humbly request your help to pay for the dental treatment (dental implant). I hope this video reaches you. Best regards. ” . Could you help me RT and tag Farkas? It costs nothing…”

After the call, the young woman explained: I needed 4 million pesos to treat my teeth It made it difficult to work, so the businessman agreed without hesitation.

but, I had to return part of the money because there was a problem with the deposit . As Andras said in his new video, it all happened because of bank problems.

“One day when everything went viral and he agreed to help me, this person emailed me and told me he was from Farcas,” said a Chilean broadcaster about the businessman’s adviser. said.

“I gave him my contact information and spoke to him on the phone and he said the next day everything would be ready. But what surprised me when I saw the site voucher was 10 million pesos instead of 4 million. ‘ he recalled.

After being surprised, he thought that the remaining money was just the right amount and thought about using it to repair the house. Received a call from the aforementioned adviser asking for a partial refund of the security deposit .

“This person called me and said, ‘Hey, you know, I would like to apologize. The problem is that the bank made a mistake and sent you extra money and we want to know if we can get it back. ” ’ said the young woman and agreed without question.

But when it came time to return the money, he was pleasantly surprised. “I thought I had to give 6 million back, but he said, ‘No, I have to give 5 million.'” . And I thought, “Oh, it will,” he said between laughs before sharing his impressions to a standing ovation. “Things have to be done right. Naturally, I had no problem returning the money.” he affirmed.

Source: Biobiochile

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