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‘Reconsider before passing judgment’: claim of aunt of young man shot by CHV journalist



The woman was questioned and demanded justice for the minors killed in the alleged robbery.

Journalists Julio Cesar Rodriguez, Montserrat Alvarez and Roberto Cox visited a particular intersection this Friday morning. The words of the aunt of one of the young men who were shot They are said to have slammed doors at Santiago Centro.

The incident happened when journalist Daniela Munoz interviewed a woman who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We want justice because we believe we all deserve justice.” It began with the words of the interviewee.

“There is no way to describe the pain we are feeling right now,” the department said. We did not expect this situation and advise our son. Some things are beyond the control of parents.

“They were young They were young men, not murderers, not murderers, not traffickers. ” He defended himself, but Rodriguez emphasized that young people were “walking around with guns and long arms.”

“We believe in them and want justice for them. Just as there is justice when they commit crimes.” The woman insisted, but experts on the set criticized her position.

Therefore, women were asked if they knewCriminal activity that two boys have been doing since they were 13 years old . “You raise your children with love in your home. They do the unmanageable. ” replied.

“We always give them good advice. We said to them, “Kids, please, the streets are terrible.” ‘, he explained, adding that now ‘everybody is attacking other people’s lives’.

“Check how many bullets there are and what kind of bullets they have, because there are no shootings or drug traffickers here[in the area where he lives]. nephews) were armed or unarmed, but I can tell you that they They weren’t murderers or thugs, they were probably children who bent their own way. ” defended.

In that branch he declared, “Yesterday (Thursday) The funeral was packed with neighbors. ” . In response, Alvarez criticized the woman’s position based on police expertise.

“They weren’t violent, you say, but they carried weapons, they had long arms (…) These images are incontrovertible. They go down with pistols. can’t say it’s not violent (…) They died in the end, I don’t know under what circumstances, but in the end they might have killed someone too. So you can’t relativize it,” asserted the animator of this space.

“I know it’s your nephew, It cannot be relativized that these young men were violent and possessed firearms. causing the death of others,” launched Alvarez.

“Yes, but please make sure your weapon is loaded for that. Please double check before making a decision.” replied the teenage aunt.

You never thought it would end like this one day , when did your nephew go out to commit these crimes? ’ and Cox asked.

“The problem is No one knows that children commit these crimes . Children are leaving home and we no longer know what will happen to them,” he asserted.

“but, Wasn’t your nephew the one who was arrested nine times? Cox replied.

“No. I thank you, and All we want is justice Because we are all entitled to justice,” said the interviewee before bidding goodbye.

Among them, the driver it could get worse Asked about the possibility of family reflection. “What is the family’s greatest sin? Because his nephew has been committing crimes since he was 13. Why is a 13-year-old boy on the street? .

“I apologize. We have failed something, we can’t deny it, that’s why we suffer today . We ask for forgiveness and justice and believe we are all entitled to justice,” the woman said.

In that branch he also said:we are in such an unequal society , Thank God for free today. My daughter is a college student and I am also a college student. We want to get out of this circle. “

“We don’t want more violence, we don’t want our children killed, and we want to help everyone. We are a loving family. Sure we have failed at some point, but we ask for forgiveness and we ask for justice. ” hills.

Source: Biobiochile

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