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Business and finance book announced after video of Vesta Rag breaking down in tears



The influencer shared an overview of the week after receiving multiple ridicule for his poor public reception when he sang the prelude to Emilia’s concert.

Influencer and singer Vesta Rag has announced a new project in her professional life after announcing on her social networks: He plans to publish his book on business and finance. days after a video of her crying after being mocked by a small audience at one of her concerts went viral.

Specifically, Rag has shared a series of photos, including of him training in a recording studio, trying on dresses, Showed the glass that celebrated Emilia’s “opening” The other is a photo of her posing with an envelope from a publisher.

“this week I signed a contract with a publisher to publish a book on business and finance. seeing the unseen, meeting with labels and discussing the music we wanted to release,” he began speaking on social networks.

He also said:I went to the studio for 2 days and participated in a song by an artist I respect in Caleta. . I brought to life a song I wrote for sinful pleasure.

In his recollections, he also talked about physical training to ensure that: “They made me cry with happiness” in addition to the fact that “I did a campaign with a brand I wanted to work with for the rest of my life, so I overcame my own insecurities and Funky accompanied me to my training.”

The release of Lug’s next book comes just days after she broke down in tears after watching a series of videos of her performing a show before a concert in Emilia, Argentina.

“The opening act is about to start, but the seats are full. Never before have so many people gathered here at Movistar.” He sarcastically refers to a person who has recorded while ridiculing the modest present of the world.

With this in mind, Vesta Lugg decided to publish a response on the same social network. During the recording, with the staff, The artist wept.

“It was too heavy for me, It was one of the first shows I did and one I was proud of. there were few people,” he pointed out at the beginning.

I was making fun of the lack of people (…) It’s hard to be a singer, it’s hard to start something you don’t know and change course at 28,” he added.

After that, the singer received support from followers and celebrities such as Francisca García Huidobro and Carlos Figueroa, director of the Viña del Mar Music Festival Orchestra.

Source: Biobiochile

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