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‘Strict diet and rigorous training’: Almodóvar reveals preparations for Pedro Pascal’s ‘Gladiator 2’



Pedro Almodóvar has explained that he was absent from Pedro Pascal’s latest short film ‘The Strange Way of Life’ at the Cannes Film Festival.

of his time on the podcast scriptSpanish director Pedro Almodovar explained the absence of peter pascal In Cannes, he premiered his short film The Strange Way of Life and, incidentally, also mentioned the strict diet the Chilean follows to prepare for his role in the film. “Gladiator 2” .

Asked about his recent stay on the French coast, Almodóvar said: “At the moment (Pedro Pascal) is in the midst of an intense physical process as he has been called up to play a key character in Gladiator 2. I was thinking of doing something like Joaquin Phoenix in the previous film. No, no, he’s a gladiator so he has to have a tablet,” referring to his biceps.

And he went on to explain: “Pedro’s body is one of the most desired, but not Tablet’s. That’s why the poor man eats hard and trains hard to get the body of a gladiator. ”

The Cannes premiere of Strange Ways to Live (Strange Ways to Love) was attended by only one of the main characters, Ethan Hawke, which raised suspicions about the Chilean actor’s whereabouts.

The day before, Pascal made another public appearance at his sister’s graduation ceremony. Lux Pascal at the prestigious Juilliard Academy in New York.

He directed the actor in Gladiator 2, the sequel to the 2000 blockbuster story. Ridley Scott the same filmmakers behind the first installment of the saga.

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