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‘You rolled in a poop’: Jorge Zabaleta mocks Pancho Savedra in ‘World Society’



Jorge Zabaleta and Francisco Savedra lived a few meters away from the gorillas, so they were living in a dangerous moment, but Zabaleta told his friend, “We were on the brink of death, and you were dead.” It makes me laugh,” he said.

Jorge Zabaleta and Francisco Savedra experienced extremes in the program “World Society”. It turned out that the two had traveled all the way to Uganda to experience an encounter with a gorilla up close.

So they walked through the jungle to fulfill Saavedra’s childhood dream. Saavedra was amazed by what he discovered on his journey through Reina Isabel National Park.

Under these conditions, they observed the animals at a distance of only 5 meters. “Imagine how blessed we are,” said Francisco Saavedra, who was in disbelief as he watched the gorillas eat.

The gorilla even had a reflex to touch Pancho’s hoodie to avoid danger, the gorilla shouted “Concha to Madre” in terror.

Afterwards, the animators had time to settle down and take selfies with the gorilla in the background. Afterwards, Zabaleta said in retrospect, “It may sound a little satirical, but this program has changed our lives.”

Partners around the world were terrified

It wasn’t all great, but both Zabaleta and Saavedra were just meters from the habitat of the dominant male, the gorilla known as Silverback. “Take an adventure, Francisco,” Jorge said shocked as he vented about the dangers they had experienced.

Meanwhile, Pancho Saavedra looked back at the danger. “I am hallucinating.

Likewise, the actor didn’t stop joking all the time as Saavedra got muddy with animal feces. “You’ve even fallen into their poop. It’s just about you. About getting into things. You haven’t lost your essence,” he said. “We were on the brink of death, and you made me laugh,” said Zabaleta.

You can relive episodes of world society here

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