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The Salvadoran star meets the challenge of composing a heartwarming tune in the play “Grace”.



Analu, the niece of the famous actress Isabel Dada, and her boyfriend Paolo, are the main performers of the Salvadoran version. "Vaseline".

Analu, the niece of the remembered actress Isabel Dada, and her friend Paolo are the main performers of the Salvadoran version of “Vaselina”.

A young singer Analu DadaThe main character of the musical work “Grace” (Vaseline) which stands out among the Fepad audience these days and in which she shares the credits with her boyfriend Paolo Salinas (Both are playing Sandy Denny, respectively), performed the vocal challenge of this work, but now he also performed Comment on their social network.

What a shame that all his songs are about love. There is no such thing for us who have a broken heart,” wrote the user, to which he responded with a video: “I sat down, imagined how I would be if my heart was broken and wrote this, let’s see. What do you think… What do they say, I’m done writing?confronted the young woman with her melodious voice.

And about the staging of “Grace”, the beloved singer-composer shared that this Thursday 25th and Friday 26th May It was sold out, but this On Saturday the 27th, two more features are available15:00 and 19:30 Tickets are $35 and available smart ticket.

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Source: Diario.Elmundo

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