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Belén Mora reveals allegations of abuse by doctors during previous pregnancy: ‘This bus is not normal’



The comedian suggested that some of her previous pregnancies were very complicated. There would have been terrible comments from doctors.

Belen Mora was invited to the final chapter of Today we are talking about There, she spoke about the difficult times she went through during her second pregnancy, when her son with Down syndrome was born.

as he said, 7th pagethe comedian talked about assumptions Cruel treatment or comments received from doctors and other medical professionals; during that stage.

“My pregnancy was terrible and very strong for many reasons. And one of them is due to the way they tell us Pocho’s diagnosis, the Down Syndrome condition, which was very violent. ” he pointed out.

“During an echocardiogram, he said to me, “This baby is not normal. Because these kids have heart disease,” he added.

Belén Mora declined to comment further, affirming that he and Toto Acuna were also encouraged during that period to “think hard about what you want to do.”

They don’t give you the option of having an abortion. But I am told to think about what I want to do during my pregnancy. I am in favor of abortion for the same reason. “Becoming a mother is a very intense physical, emotional and hormonal experience for a woman and it’s really awful and you have to want it,” he concluded.

The comedian spoke for the first time about his son in an interview with the University of Concepción television channel, affirming that he was initially terrified.

“When I hear the news, I am very shocked because it is very frightening. I will,” he commented.

“What should be done with any child, with or without Down syndrome, is to give them the love and the means they need to ensure that they develop as best as possible,” he said. added.

Source: Biobiochile

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