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Bombo Fica Attacks Viña 2023 Again: Reveals Final Amount Offered and Reasons for Rejection



The comedian compared what was offered to him and what Karol G would have received at Viña 2023.

One of the controversies that Viña 2023 initially had was Bombo Fika, A comedian who turned down a production offer on the cheap. In a recent interview, the artist elaborated on the subject.

according to public meterFika spoke with Radio Agriculture about the matter, suggesting that he was not satisfied and had decided to decline his arrival at Quinta Vergara.

“I did not respond to what they offered me. That’s the number some believe communists have to live barefoot in huts and throw Molotov cocktails around,” he said.

In this sense, the comedian argued that the situation complicates him considering the amount of dealings with international artists.

“They offered me 40 million and Karol G was paid 800 million. “Why can I get 5% of what she charged? That was what was being discussed behind the scenes,” he said.

“I don’t think she was going to come even if it was cheaper. We’re talking about artists performing at the highest level in Latin America, but that’s a different market. The country pays foreign artists very high salaries, but pays Chilean artists very low salaries. ” Added.

Finally, Bombo Fico made an analysis of the ratings given to the Viña del Mar festival by humorists, a situation that should give them more assurance.

“They suggested it to me, but I didn’t understand if they were going to give it a rating. It also has a career of 37 years. He has proven himself to be a top-level artist,” he concludes.

It’s worth noting that the comedian performed at the Waso del Ormue Festival this summer, drawing the best crowd of the entire event.

Source: Biobiochile

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