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In Italy, books damaged by floods will be saved by freezing



Among other things, the recent floods affected the gardens of Villa Spada in Bologna

In the city of Forli, after the catastrophic floods, the water also invaded the more than 550-year-old library, soaking valuable books and manuscripts with water. They will be saved with an innovative technique: the books will be frozen and thus dried.

The floods in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna in the north of the country affected many cultural institutions, and the floods completely destroyed the homes of many.

The management of the library in the city Forli has already applied Orogela company that specializes in frozen foods to keep books at very low temperatures.

“We will be happy to ours manufacturing plant to make room for the library’s ancient books Forli, which has been flooded in recent days. We have not yet received precise information about the number of books that we will keep, but we assume that for a period of two years, we would make two freezer chambers available exclusively for this purpose.” the first husband told the Italian media Orogella Bruno Pirates.

“Normally, fruits and vegetables ripening in the field are frozen at minus 25 degrees Celsius within three hours of picking or harvesting. I never thought that this quick process would also be useful for our literature,” he added, as reported by the Austrian press agency APA.

Recent floods have affected the gardens of Villa Spada in Bologna and the city’s medieval museum, among others. In the nearby Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria part It’s mounted happened also demolition. V Bagnacavallu in the north, six frescoes in the museum of the Capuchin Sisters were damaged.

Ticket prices for Italian museums have been increased by one euroAccording to the Italian Ministry of Culture, they are still collecting reports on the damage. “As soon as we have the first assessment of the damage, we will implement an action plan,” the Italian Minister of Culture has already announced Gennaro Sangiuliano.

The Italian government has also decided to raise ticket prices for Italian museums by the euro. “The proceeds will go to cultural institutions in Emilia-Romagna, which were affected by the floods,” announced the Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni.

Source: Rtvslo

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