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Berlin police launched an investigation into Roger Waters



The Briton assured that his performance was aimed at expressing opposition to fascism, injustice and fanaticism

The Berlin police were distracted by the equipment worn by the British musician Roger Waters during the concert. This is supposed to resemble the clothes once worn by Gestapo officers. He is now being investigated for possibly promoting worship of the Nazi regime.

Roger Waters has recently been on tour This Is Note A Drill put on a costume at his concert in the German capital, which triggered a wave of indignation and critic. Videos have been doing the rounds on social media and photos of the musician “shooting” a fake machine gun while wearing a long black coat with a red armband that also included two black crossed hammers on a white circle.

Germany prohibits the display of Nazi symbols, but allows exceptions for artistic reasons and educational reasons. The police in Berlin have confirmed that they have already launched an investigation into the co-founder of the Pink Floyd group. Because it resembles the uniform of an SS or Gestapo officer, they suspect that it is a concert uniform equipment you can glorified, worshipped and encouraged the approval of Nazi rule, and consequently also supported the disturbance of public peace and illegality and violent or hostile behavior. Once the police investigation is complete, the case will be handed over to Berlin prosecutors, who will decide whether to press charges.

The Briton assured on social networks that his performance was aimed at expressing opposition to fascism, injustice and to fanaticism, and the image has been a part of his performances since the days of Pink Floyd in the 80s of the last century. “All my life I have been vocally opposed to authoritarianism and oppression,” wrote a Brit whose parents fought against the Nazis. “Regardless of the consequences of the attacks on meI will continue to condemn iniquity and of those who perform,” he emphasized, reports the BBC.

During the concert, several names of the deceased were also displayed on the big screen, including Anne Frank, which was strongly condemned by Israel’s foreign minister, who accused Waters of desecrating the memory of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust during World War II.

Several German cities tried to prevent his appearance

The 79-year-old has been raising dust lately with his moves. Obhe was also sued for anti-Semitism, as, among other things, he supports a movement that calls for boycotts and sanctions against Israel. He rejected claims of anti-Semitism.

In Munich, the city council said it had explored the possibility of banning the concert, but ultimately concluded that it was not legally possible to cancel the contract with the organizer. His recent performance there was accompanied by a protest attended by the leader of the local Jewish community.

He himself thanked those who attended the concerts in Germany anyway, and he also paid tribute to the White Rose movement, which was a non-violent rebel group of German youth who resisted the Nazi regime. “The fact that some people have me on position power in Germany and some in the name of the Israel lobbies attacked, falsely condemned me as an anti-Semite and tried to cancel my concerts, it saddens me,” he said and added that he felt watched while walking around Munich.

Cologne also tried unsuccessfully to prevent him from performing, and authorities in Frankfurt tried to prevent an upcoming concert there on May 28, but Waters successfully challenged this in a local court. That’s why protests are announced in front of the venue

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