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There are already about a thousand fans in Višarje. “I’ve never walked uphill as steep as today.”



Fan festival at the triple border because of the Giro

“Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that our boys would ever be as good as Pogačar and Roglič are now. Never,” says fan Sandi, who is one of the crowd of Slovenians at the cycling fan festival in Sveti Višarje.

“Mala Planica” – that’s the Slovenian cycling ace Primož Roglič said he wanted it to look like today’s brutal mountaineer chronometer to Svete Višar, which will give the winner of the 106th Race around Italy. Due to the proximity of the Slovenian border, fans have been flocking to the track from various directions since morning – of course, most of them are those with Slovenian flags.

In Višarje, where they are at the peak of the season, they have counted a maximum of five thousand visitors so far, today they expect 15,000 people. The weather also helps the visitors, as it is sunny but quite cold, so most of them are there in long sleeves. Luka from Škofja Loka is on Svete Višare, which they are 1766 meters high, came on foot with a friend. “For two hours the road continues uphill, nothing flattens out. Poisons they are gone from the body. I have never walked anywhere as steeply uphill as I did today. We will encourage everyone, but Roglič most of all.” he said for Wave 202.

There are already a lot of Slovenian tricolors in the pilgrimage center, and there are also some Spanish and Belgian ones. There are already close to 1,000 people at the top, and there are still many hikers panting down the slope.

Pink color and Slovenian flags

in the valley in In and around Trbiž, everything is covered in pink color, all accommodations they are occupied. “I’ve followed cycling before, when they are drove Valjavec, Koren, Brajkovič, but mostly Tour. This is the first time I am on the track of a big race. The scenery is very beautiful, everything is very interesting.” it is for Val 202 said Sandi from Ljubljana, and his son Rok added: Soupsd it is, i can’t wait for it to start. Both my father and I are equally ardent fans.”

Earlier, another fan said: “Our preparations they are held for a month, because we knew that Primož would definitely be at the top. We just waited, yes they are The Italians told how everything would be organized. We went early in the morning. Parking lots they are nicely marked. We’re going to the top on foot, and of course equipped with all the props to give all our support to Primož – victory is ours.”

It is Gregor from Trebnje for Wave 202 said yes they are you for monitoring in live with friends decided the first week of the Race around Italy, “because they expect the success of Primož“. They intend to install in According to him, there will also be a lot of action in the sheep village, where two large screens reign supreme. “I hope Primož has it in himself so much that he knows he can win,” the fan added.

Buses going to the “crime scene” they are extremely full. Many will go to the top on foot along the pilgrimage route, three thousand tickets for cable car to Višarje they are namely sold out in one day. Due to the narrow road, it will be on the most difficult part chronometer access for viewers limited. 600 million people are expected to watch the event on television.

Otherwise, Roglič will not hit the track until after 5 p.m., which means that the fans will have plenty of time for socializing and cheering.

Source: Rtvslo

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