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What Bob Barker whispered to Cecilia Borocco: A secret secret 36 years after Miss Universe



It’s been 36 years since Cecilia Borocco became our country’s first and only Miss Universe. Over time, some details were erased, such as the iconic moment when he lived with famous American host Bob Barker, deviating from the script in front of millions of viewers, and the Chilean. I secretly spoke to the model.

This weekend Cecilia Borocco won the Miss Universe contest A multi-day contest held in Singapore in 1987 saw the “Queen of Beauty” join the contest organizers for a memorable and iconic moment. Bob Barker before the final day watched by more than 600 million people worldwide.

In the full-length television broadcast, the famous animator of “The Price is Right” (Atínale al precio) approached the Chilean model’s ear and quietly spoke to her while they discussed whether to respond in English or Spanish. what did he say to you

First meeting with Cecilia Borocco and Bob Barker

From May 22nd to May 27th, 1987, approximately 70 candidates participated in various presentations, activities and contests to be crowned Queen of the Pageants. Miss Universe .

Chilean representative Cecilia Borocco As revealed in various interviews, he was 22 at the time, had just celebrated his birthday, and arrived in Singapore full of confidence.

Her confidence and audacity, as the days went by, brought her face to face with the undefeated contenders for the throne.

Therefore, a few days before the election of a new president, Miss Universe Cecilia Borocco met with Bob Barker served as Instance animator for 20 consecutive years.

On a now-defunct channel, as the late fashion designer explained rock popshe met the host at a rehearsal in English three days before the final.

“Do you need an interpreter for when you’re a finalist?” he asked. barker , knew she spoke English. Considering this, Borocco She replied in Spanish so that the Chilean people would understand and said yes.

However, he was rejected by the organizers. Miss Universe It was for American TV, so it had to be in English.

“Oh yeah? Well, if you don’t give me an interpreter, I’ll still speak in Spanish, because I know you can speak Spanish.” The model, who became an important figure, argued. world of communication.

Is it Spanish or English? 1987 Miss Universe Ear Secrets

I think I messed her up, she thought. Cecilia Borocco After exchanging words with historical presenters, Miss Universe . “But bad luck,” he concluded.

This is how the contest finals and famous series of questions are played, and each candidate must answer in a unique way to persuade the jury.

arrival, Bob Barker He asked her again if she needed an interpreter and she said yes. After answering her second question in Spanish, the driver said he understood Spanish and she translated Cecilia’s words into English.

From there, a play began between the two. Borocco She said to him in English, if he could understand why not speak Spanish, he wondered the same but favored his native language.

After a few moments of joking against the background of laughter from the audience, Mr. Barker asked in English about a fictional television commercial for his new clothing line.

Considering the confusion of the Chilean contestants who insisted on speaking in English, the host approached the question by saying, “I have an idea, I have an idea.” Ears that Cecilia secretly speaks to .

The footage, which was televised in more than 56 countries, featured close-ups of models trying to catch the smiles and words of the host.

The audience whispered and more laughter rang out, and after a round of applause, Borocco He responded by suggesting an imaginary vest for Christmas.

What did Bob Barker say to Cecilia Borocco?

“He came close to my ear and started speaking in English at a rate of 2,000 per hour. So I said, what are you saying to me?” I explained. Miss Universe of our country.

“He said something to me and I heard half of it,” he said with a laugh. But when he figured it out, he managed to save the day. barker I told him about Santa Claus.

“How nice, Santa Claus!” she thought at the time, and realized that the advice was to create a commercial for her new clothing line with Christmas presents in mind.

Overcoming memorable interviews, Cecilia Borocco He made it to the Grand Final and defeated the Italian national team. After this, the “Queen of Beauty” still achieved fame and success.

Source: Biobiochile

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