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Brian Cox defends Succession’s Logan Roy: ‘He’s a man full of weaknesses’



The Scottish actor has admitted that Logan Roy is a misunderstood character because he’s had a difficult life. “I think it all went terribly wrong for him,” said Cox, who admitted his own role in the HBO series Succession, which ends this Sunday, came to a tragic end.

Brian Cox was told that at some point in his life, success would come later. it was. After four seasons as Logan Roy in Succession, the 76-year-old has become a respected figure wherever he goes.

He has also acted in notable films, but always in supporting roles. Always thought he excelled in comedy, the actor who played William Stryker in the movie x men 2 I have had a diverse career over the years.

However, he does admit that magnetism exists. Inheritance He told EFE that it’s because it’s “a social satire, a kind of gladiatorial fight, and humans love to see people suffer.”

Thus, the Scotsman now believes his character died an untimely death at the hands of series creator Jesse Armstrong.

in a dialogue with new york times, the interpreter mentioned the tragic end of his character. “They had to end it one way or another and it was Jesse’s choice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again The problem with a lot of television, especially American television, is that the viewing deadline has passed. . And the great thing about Jesse and the show’s writers is that they don’t do that. It was difficult for them,” he said.

What would happen in the Succession finale without Logan Roy?

Either way, Cox confesses that Logan’s death ultimately set an important precedent. “Change your bet. The hero is gone. And the kids either have to deal with it or they don’t,” he said.

But instead of lashing out at Roy, the actor makes it clear that his role reflects his complex personality.

“I think it’s so misunderstood. I think it all went terribly wrong. There are little moments like this in the history of relationships with mothers, sisters and brothers. It’s full of weaknesses, so that’s where you become human And all the problems we all have on a daily basis, and all the horrible decisions we make or don’t make. “

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