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Brooke Shields: Child Exploitation, Teenage Rape, and a Career Recovery



Life in Hollywood hasn’t been easy for the actress, but in the documentary Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby, she shares her memories, the exploits she experienced, and the courageous and courageous young people who still live their lives. He told a painful episode in a cruel world. There.

The golden girl of 1980s American film and television, Brooke Shields began her career as a child.

Her beauty dazzled everyone, so it’s no wonder she had to live the misery of the adult world in a dark world like Hollywood.

Most of these situations were experienced with my mother, who still protects me from the atrocities I had to go through when I was young, but even my mother who dared to speak honestly be.

The actress just released a documentary called Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby, in which she not only talks about the most poignant episodes of her career, but also about her life and the abuse young people in the industry have gone through.

He dared to recollect moments that hadn’t yet been captured in the last two memories, recounting the details he left behind. But now, at 57, he remembers it with his daughters.

Brooke Shields: pretty girl from Laguna Azul

Brooke Shields started working before she was one year old. When she was 11 months old, she became the breadwinner of her family, posing for her photographs and publicity.

So it’s no wonder she made her foray into Hollywood prematurely, but when a career takes off before she even walks, it seems like the normal path for many.

The key to getting her career off the ground in Hollywood was the risky role she agreed to, but let’s be honest, it was a risky role for an experienced actress, not a 10-year-old. .

Mother Terry embraced acting in films like Pretty Baby, one of the most controversial movies of the 70s, where she played a girl who grows up in a New Orleans brothel. Waiting for the highest bidder. her virginity.

He was 11 when he made the film and had to seductively kiss co-star Keith Carradine, 27. More than 40 years later, she wonders why her mother didn’t intervene when she was forced, she gathers. Hello!.

She was a teenager when she starred in the 1980 film Laguna Azul. The film created a worldwide controversy with her as her sexual object.

It tells the story of two teenagers who are trapped on a deserted island after a shipwreck, where they experience sexual awakening, and the camera shows her almost naked.

This criticism was soon directed at her mother. Her mother, an alcoholic, was always defending her mother, even though she was said to be a literal pimp who cast her in this category.

Pretty Baby: The Film That Boosted Brooke Shields' Fame
@BrookeShield | Instagram

Given that his daughters Rowan, 19, and Greer, 16, said they would never watch Pretty Baby because it was child porn, even the 57-year-old can understand it. he pointed out. women of today.

20 year old rape victim

In this documentary, Brooke Shields recounts some of her most painful moments in Hollywood, including an episode of being raped in her early twenties.

It’s the first time we’re talking about when the actress attended a dinner with a producer to talk about work, as the actress was a young woman who had just graduated from college and wanted to get back to work.

He commented that he went to the hotel after dinner because the producer promised to call a taxi from there. “I went to his room and he was gone,” Shields said, before the producer appeared naked and attacked her.

Brooke said: I froze A “no” might have been enough, but I just thought, “If you live, you’re gone.” I just waited in silence,” he reported. Country.

He waited for everything to finish, then went outside and took a taxi to his friend’s house. he was crying all the time

when brooke was young
@BrookeShield | Instagram

The 57-year-old admits he couldn’t handle the situation until much later, but he always blamed himself for what happened that night.

“I thought I had sent some sort of inappropriate message. I drank some wine and went up to the room…he felt confident,” he said.

Years after the incident, the actress confronted her assailant and sent him a letter in which she wrote: I refuse to be a victim. Because this will happen regardless of who you are and whether you are ready or not. ’ But she never got an answer.

Sexual discrimination in Hollywood

If Brooke Shields really has anything to say, it’s about the objectification of teenagers in Hollywood.

She took part in movies that used her to appear as a woman when she was actually a girl who had not yet reached puberty.

That’s what her documentary was about, and thanks to your work in bringing her to the top of her fame with her daring roles in movies and commercials, the media fell in love with her virginity. It’s about telling the experience.

“You want to know what’s between me and Calvin? Nothing,” was the phrase Brooke uttered at the iconic location she starred in when she was 15, and the beauty of it was striking .

The points of beauty and eroticism that I didn’t even notice stand out Countryrecalled the actress speaking to Vogue about the commercial.

She said she was proud to be a part of the recording as it was very professional, there were no outsiders on set and the expectations were very high.

Her youth was too much for the kind of content she made, and she didn’t realize it until it aired and started getting banned in various places.

she said: “I was naive and didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t see any sexual connotations that I thought had nothing to do with underwear. I compared him to my sister. Me and mine.” I have nothing against my sister, and what shocked me was that she reprimanded me, ‘Oh, you knew it would happen, you thought you did.’

Harassment by photographers, reporters, and people who questioned the sexuality of ads when the 15-year-old still didn’t understand anything and became the new “America’s sweetheart.”

Healing Brooke Shields

Perhaps most of the painful moments Shields had in the entertainment industry were due to her mother, Teri, who saw her beauty as a way for girls to make money.

The actress candidly commented that her mother was an alcoholic and although she acted as her agent, she always played the role of a sober adult in the relationship.

However, he said, “Even during filming, she protected me like Rapunzel in a tower. That’s what kept me naive. It was always contradictory.”

The balance point for the actress was her father, Frank, who lived with the family after he divorced Shields’ mother, and had always maintained a conservative and orderly household that was far from Shaw’s craziness.

That’s why she went to Princeton University to research and write a dissertation about Louis Malle, the director of her first American movie, Pretty Baby. The loss of innocence that happened to her is her main theme in this film.

With Brooke's mother at the graduation ceremony at Princeton University
@BrookeShield | Instagram

She met her current husband, TV writer and producer Chris Henchy, just a few years after her unsuccessful marriage to Andre Agassi.

She is still married to him, has two daughters, and is the main support for the actress who, at 57, does it all in the documentary.

documentary Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby Consisting of two episodes, it is available in Chile through the Star+ streaming platform.

actress documentary
@BrookeShield | Instagram

Source: Biobiochile

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