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Claudia Conserva admits ‘Milf’ is ending after 6 years: ‘It was a wonderful, true and fun show’



Claudia Conserva, the creator of “Milf,” mentioned a new show to replace it in the evening slot on TV+.

After six years on the screen and significant changes to its original lineup, the program mature woman will end with TV+ .

The fact became known through the pages of the newspaper. Mercurywhere is cheerleader weekend Claudia Reserve He mentioned the future of television after TVN’s documentary series ‘Brava’.

Conserva debuted on TV+ in 2017 with ‘Milf’ in an era that was also staged. “One night with mature women”where he was accompanied by other striped panelists.

“It was a wonderful, really fun program (…). It was recognized and was a huge success both musically and commercially,” the host said in the morning, explaining that the return to animation will also take place on TV+, precisely in the show that replaces ‘Milf’. “Claudia Speaks” .

Asked about the impending end of the women’s show, she added: “Life after cancer has a before and after, so I’m nervous about creating new things as usual.” .

Bertha Lasala, Titi Garcia-Huidobro, Francesca Conserva Claudia’s sister, who has been the host of the evening show so far, will take on a new role in “Claudia Conversa”. Aranzaz Jankovic He will leave the channel.

“(They) will have different participation with roles. This is not a program that consists only of women, there will also be men.” Conserva explained.

Source: Biobiochile

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