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Oriana Marzoli reveals she communicated with Airen Mirra after cancer diagnosis ‘very sensitive’



The Venezuelan has revealed that he has resumed communication with his ex-partner regarding the diagnosis Mila received, even though they are no longer friends.

After working as an Argentinian model and influencer, Airen Mira reveals that she has been diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer through a video uploaded to social networks. Several friends and ex-partners reached out to him and left messages of support. But her dear friend from the defunct mega-reality show do you want to get back with your ex?, Oriana Marzoli never mentioned this subject before.

Venezuelan Reality Girl Reveals Her Own Section “Something’s wrong with Orianna.” of the platform MTMADor After she found out about her illness, she wrote to her ex-best friend. in addition to revealing what he wrote to him.

as pointed out 7th pageMarzoli told him: Clearly I wrote to him personally, regardless of the fact that the relationship was no longer what it used to be. ”.

Let’s not forget that friendships between influencers fell apart in 2022 after a video was released criticizing one of reality TV’s “enemies”, Gala Caldirola. do you want to get back with your ex?,for that Airen Mira Finally apologize, Oriana Marzoli no.

The Venezuelan woman said she didn’t have to reveal her actions or what she said to her ex-partner in custody, but she ended up revealing details.

“I think it’s a very sensitive issue (I told him so).” Of course, I hope he recovers and comes out of this very complicated situation even stronger. . I don’t want to go into details because it seems. It’s a pretty sensitive topic. . simply, I sincerely hope everything goes well and he recovers.and it will surely be ]I picked up the 7th page.

After this, the Spain-based influencer assured Aylen that he appreciated the supportive messages. “Like I said earlier, I will do my best from here.” hills.

Source: Biobiochile

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