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‘We didn’t have money to eat’: The hardships experienced by ‘Nacho’ Gutierrez and Italo Passalacqua’s partners



Journalists recalled an episode in 2014 when Pasalaqua had an accident and spent several months in a clinic.

Journalist Ignacio “Nacho” Gutierrez recalls the difficult moment when Patricio Herrera, the partner of the late journalist Italo Passalacqua, had an accident in 2014 and was hospitalized for several months, resulting in: I affirmed. Herrera ended up in serious financial trouble.

Mr. Gutierrez spoke with Mr. Fran Sphere on the program no fault On weekend TV+, They started talking about getting married. Therefore, the caller admitted that the reason they decided to get married was so that they could prove their relationship with official documents.

The reason for the marriage was a legal issue, not love . Because with the X problem Rodrigo had to go to the doctor’s office and they put him to sleep and said he had to get a good check up and said ‘I can’t sign it’,” he recalled. bottom.

Thus, the two talked about the invisible gay couple. Spheil remembered Italo Passalacqua, with whom he had a secret relationship for years.

As a result, Gutierrez recalled an episode in 2014 with Patricio Herrera that “had a big impact on me.”

“I leave the channel, i met someone i don’t know . And he approached me and said, “Hey, Ignacio, don’t you know who I am? I’m a duck, Italo couple,” he began narrating.

So passalaqua I was in a car accident in the commune of La Reina As a result, he was hospitalized for several months. “Italo was unconscious in his clinic. I remember him being a Catholic,” Gutierrez said.

“Italo had a different company name as a person and it turned out ‘they weren’t together’. They didn’t pay his salary. ” He explained, asserting that Herrera was unconscious and could not access her partner’s money, which they managed together.

“Italo was passionate about his family, Pato, dogs and people.In that moment I managed to get into the channel with Pato, talk to one of the managers and kindly unblock the facts. rice field. But the duck had no money to eat. ” He then explained.

It’s worth noting that Pasalaqua and Herrera signed a civil union agreement in 2015, three years before the journalist’s death.

Source: Biobiochile

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