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After Team Beto’s selection: The contestants who reached the quarterfinals in The Voice are:



Beto Cuevas had to eliminate two singers from the team, resulting in the quarter-finals of the programme.

On Tuesday night, Chilean singer Beto Cuevas was in charge of closing the round of 16 at The Voice Chile with his team, marking the final phase of the programme. again, A list of participants who are getting closer and closer to the final.

The singer had to attend a presentation of 9 of the best singers he has ever coached. Pick two contestants who have to say goodbye.

After acknowledging that it was a complicated decision and enlisted the help of fellow coaches for it, the chapter said: Beto said goodbye to Erin Rutledge and Anahis Gonzalez.

So the list already had a player in the quarter-finals starting this Wednesday with Prince Reus. Which contestants advanced to the quarterfinals?

team bet

The Chilean singer will have to figure out which of the six singers remaining under his tutelage stands out as a character beloved by the public.they are about Zoilin Ibarra, Antonia Nunez, Marcelo Durán, Ivana Riquelme, Selene Peinemal, Lina Rivas .

team flan

Francisca Valenzuela had to make the decision to leave the team on Monday Tito Rey, Tyra Hücke, Francisco Arehui, Catalina Campos, the duo of Victoria Seco and Yosselin Colmenares, Gabriel Baeza and Alejandra Moraga.

team puma

Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez has already chipped into the quarterfinals and has been sent off The duo of Hadnais Nieves and Willimas Camus, Roberto Diaz, Danny Alvarez, Alexis Salinas, Stanley Wyzone, Lisandra Valdez and Manuel Cea.

team royce

Prince Royce, of his own choice, Camilo Peralta, Christopher Herrera-Fabien Salgado, Liliana Inastrosa, Alexia Valef, Alexis Vazquez, Danilo Perez, Alondra Bravo, Francisca Fernandez.

The bachata singer will also be starting on night of the quarterfinals, where he will also have to say goodbye to the other semifinalists.

Source: Biobiochile

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