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‘I got facial paralysis’: Belén Soto was hospitalized due to stress



When asked about how to overcome fatigue, Soto admitted that he lives under constant stress and fatigue.

Actress and influencer Belen Soto addressed the stress photos she has suffered in her life through her Instagram story. In addition, he asserted that he had suffered from facial paralysis and alopecia, and finally said that he visited a clinic last week with the same symptoms.

Initially, Soto answered questions from followers, one of whom I asked about “how to deal with fatigue” due to all activities carried out by the influencer.

“I guess I haven’t learned to handle it well yet,” he replied, further explaining:Tiredness and stress have been my biggest enemies since childhood. because it continues endlessly without being able to recognize it.

“I really enjoy what I do, it’s I do not understand” the writer also admitted.

As a result of these tense photographs, he declared anyway:the body speaks and cries and continue there. ”

So I had facial paralysis and alopecia, and on Friday I had to go to the clinic with the same symptoms. …and now (I’m) trying to recover bit by bit,” he admitted.

Postcard from Belen Soto used to reply to users about mental health.
instagram capture

Through his social networks, Soto shares the various milestones he has reached.Among them, he recently published a book power woman. Likewise, he has a documentary series in hand. powerful woman.

His campaign as an influencer is also added. These influences led her to constantly update her social networks.

In February of this year, Soto celebrated his wedding to Branko Bacovich. The ceremony took place on the coast of Tulum, Mexico. Various celebrities then shared postcards of the ceremony and celebrations.

The union of the bride and groom was therefore unique in that Mayan rituals were performed especially for the happy couple.

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