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Gerard Pique and Clara Chia suing paparazzi for exposing their relationship to the world: accusations of harassment



This paparazzi was one of the people responsible for capturing the first photos of the couple. The former footballer has dropped the charges, but Clara Chia blames herself for the damage to his mental health.

Former footballer Gerard Pique and current partner Clara Chia. Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin sued for harassment . Martin’s work has gone viral after he was responsible for one of the first photos of the couple together.

Specifically, both Piqué and Chia filed complaints on May 10, and a trial against Martín took place this week.so they asked the court 3 kilometer restraining order, He blamed himself for causing serious damage to Chia’s mental health.

according to the magazine spanish people, Former footballer accuses Martin of taking pictures in private is the parking lot near the office where Pique works.

As for him Paparazzi insisted he only works in public Assures the singer that he has been dedicated to documenting Piqué’s life for years, especially with his ex-partner, Colombian singer Shakira.

in a conversation with european pressThe Communicator’s attorneys, Ricardo Abia and Paola Chamorro, assured that despite the lack of trends: would have been “proven no signs of crime” .

“A 3,000m restraining order has been issued by Gerard Pique and Clara Chia,” Abiah said. In any case, he claimed that the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office had requested it. “That restraining order shouldn’t get in the way.”

Chamorro emphasized the character of how Chia presents herself. For “anonymous characters” . The young woman “acquired public figure status the moment her relationship with Pique became public,” the lawyer said.

Jordi also stressed that he is calm about the process, mainly for the following reasons. “I have seen many contradictions” Clara Chia’s desire to remain anonymous again after “Pique posted a picture with her on Instagram a few days ago and had 30 or 40 million followers.”

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