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Tim Burton says AI ‘inspired’ by his work: ‘It’s like robots taking away their humanity’



The famous film director and artist confessed that he feels fear and anxiety about the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

tim burton He declared his rejection of artificial intelligence (AI), which reproduces works based on the artist’s own stamp. “It’s like robots take away humanity. “The director said in a conversation with the media.” Independent.

In interviews with cartoonists and British media, Burton specifically mentioned: buzzfeed article There, they shared images of Disney characters inspired by dark styles and fictional worlds. IA During the journey.

Tim Burton says AI that reproduces his works: ``It

“Words cannot describe the emotions this film creates,” said the filmmaker. “It reminded me of other cultures saying, ‘Please don’t take pictures of me because it will take away your soul.'” he continued.

This conversation took place within the following contextual topics: SAG-AFTRA union actors and writers strike in Hollywood .

Around 160,000 union members have raised concerns about the issue since July. Your job could be replaced by artificial intelligence .

Wes Anderson is another film expert who has addressed this topic. Some time ago he declared:It’s like being told, “Your friend is imitating you.” . Maybe you say you want to see it, or maybe you don’t want to see an imitation of yourself, even if it’s a good one. “Maybe that’s not what you want to see.”

director young scissorhands, beetle juice and bride’s corpse I added the feeling that They took “something out of his soul and spirit” When artificial intelligence replicates their work or takes inspiration from artificial intelligence.

“It’s very unsettling, especially if it concerns you. It’s like robots dehumanizing people.your soul ” confessed the producer and artist.

Tim Burton says AI that reproduces his works: ``It
Tim Burton says AI

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