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A Norwegian princess and an American shaman will pledge their allegiance by a famous Norwegian fjord



In recent years, the union has caused quite a stir among the Norwegian public

The daughter of Norwegian King Harald, Märtha Louise, who renounced her royal duties last November, a few months after her engagement to a self-proclaimed alternative healer, announced that she and the shaman Durek will marry in August next year.

The almost 52-year-old Norwegian princess (she will celebrate her birthday next week) was forced to give up her role within the Norwegian royal family precisely because of her relationship with a self-proclaimed shaman, as the Norwegians got quite upset about their beliefs. The public was also worried that the Norwegian princess would use her title for commercial purposes and thus indirectly connect the royal family with medicinal practices that are controversial for many.

Shaman Durek Verrett namely, he works in the USA, where his clients include well-known Hollywood faces such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Nina Dobrev and James Van Der Beek. In the past, he caused a stir with opinions such as that childhood trauma can cause cancer, that a “charmed” locket is enough to protect against viruses (e.g. the new coronavirus), and he is also known for his conspiracy theories.

In recent years, Märtha Louise has also upset the local public with claims that she can communicate with animals and angels and that she is clairvoyant, but the Norwegians somehow looked past her, as she has had some rather tragic years behind her. Between 2002 and 2017, she was married to a Norwegian playwright Ari Behn (they had three daughters in marriage), who struggled with alcoholism and depression. After the divorce, they shared custody of their daughters until Behn committed suicide in 2019.

Märtha Louise two years ago, when she was still a member of the official royal family.  Photo: EPA

In May 2019, Märtha Louise met Durek, with whom they immediately fell in love, but their romance raised a lot of dust in Norway due to the aforementioned scientifically unproven healing methods practiced by the shaman – the media, for example, called him a charlatan without hesitation . Close ones, including the king Harald V. and the queen Sonja, privately stood by Märthi Louise, but did not support their business ventures, for example the spiritual seminars entitled “The Princess and the Shaman”, which was ultimately the reason for the princess’s decision to give up her royal duties. At the same time, she had to undertake to use the title of princess only for official purposes, but not for commercial purposes, for example for the promotion of paid events.

For some time, it was speculated whether their love would withstand the many pressures of the Norwegian public, but the couple persisted on the set path. As mentioned, now, a good year after the engagement, the princess announced that she and the shaman will get married on August 31 next year, namely in her homeland.

As they each explained in their post on Instagram, they will pledge their allegiance in front of family and friends at the hotel in the village of Geiranger, next to the fjord of the same name, which is inscribed on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. “It means a lot to us that our family and friends will gather in a place steeped in Norwegian history and offering such spectacular nature to celebrate our big moment with us,” wrote and added: “Geiranger is the perfect place to crown our love.”

In a separate statement, the King, Queen and Crown Prince Haakon (Märthe Louise’s younger brother) congratulated the couple and emphasized that they would be happy to welcome Verrett into the family.

Source: Rtvslo

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