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“You can’t make fun of it”: Pailita responds to César Huispe after controversial remarks about Galle Galle



After learning of Gary Gary’s death, the urban artist came out in defense of his late friend following the YouTuber’s controversial remarks that mocked him.

urban artist Pairita Sent a precise message to writers and YouTubers Cesar Huispe – better known on social networks as Cesarito – after he called out his friends and colleagues in the urban genre with harsh words. Gully Gully after learning of his death.

“You wash your dirty clothes at home, which means you’re exposing someone’s infidelity. I don’t know how that affects people, because I’m also like, ‘Oh, that son of a bitch (sic) oh. , he committed suicide!” I read a lot of stupid (statements) like, “He committed suicide!” Vo, you don’t know how this kind of nonsense affects him,” he said at the time.

After the records resurfaced, Whispe apologized, but Gary Gary’s friend said: Pairita, he didn’t miss the moment I quote César Huispe.

“For those who keep justifying his partner (I mean César Huispe) and his attendants with closed eyes, practice substituting the name of Gary Gary with the names of his relatives. please. Let’s see if they keep telling you to watch the whole video or if it’s taken out of context. “He started by telling his followers:

But he also said this to Cesarito:There are some issues you can’t touch on, and if you do, you should do it respectfully. . There is a 99% chance that neither your partner nor the other person knows about Garegare, but His death became a trending topic for more than a week “, Said.

“I became independent a long time ago, If you’re talking about sensitive topics, you can’t make fun of men or start laughing. “You can’t say, ‘Some people are doing well, and some people are doing very well,'” he criticized.

“Gary’s family sent us an excerpt from the video. Obviously it bothered me, and it bothered me, as it does all of us, to see how they were laughing about such a sensitive topic. Ta. “He admitted it.

The artist also admitted that although he did not see the full clip, that “didn’t mean they didn’t take it seriously.”

Similarly, Ms. Pairita confessed that she was angry at the fact that Mr. César Huispe would not have taken responsibility for his words. “Don’t play Larry (the fool) or show some of the same clips talking better about the subject to cover up the sales they’ve made (the mistakes they’ve made). They doesn’t know the pain Gabriel left or what scars it left.”Genre” hill.

Source: Biobiochile

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