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The notorious Anna Delvey organized a fashion show under house arrest



She had the fashion magazine delivered right to her home

Notorious con artist Anna Delvey (or Anna Sorokin), who is currently serving house arrest for fraud, grand theft and immigration violations, organized a fashion show during New York Fashion Week. And that right in your own home.

Anna Sorokin became famous about four years ago, when she ended up in court on suspicion of fraud. A German citizen – she moved there with her family from Russia – pretended to be a rich heiress in New York for several years, blinding several prestigious hotels in Manhattan, “leasing” private planes and trying to get a multi-million dollar loan under the false name of Anna Delvey .

In 2019, she was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison for violating immigration policy by not having permission to stay in the country, fraud to obtain $200,000 in property benefits, and false representation, and was released last year in House arrest. During this time, Delvey made good use of her sudden fame, as her (now former) friend wrote a book about her, and her story was also brought to life in the Netflix docuseries Inventing Anna.

The fraudster, who impressed fashion connoisseurs with her fashion choices already during the court proceedings, now apparently plans to venture into fashion waters. As part of the New York Fashion Week, she is with her friend, the head of a prestigious public relations agency Kelly Cutrone, co-organized one of the fashion shows.

Since she is not allowed to leave the apartment building where she lives due to house arrest, she had the fashion magazine delivered right to her home. Well, basically, on the roof of a building in the East Village, where a crowd of fashionistas, representatives of the seventh force and members of the fashion world flocked on Monday night. According to CNN, Anna Deley asked the other residents for permission before the fashion show, but she preferred to keep the incident quiet from the owner of the building so as not to expose him to possible lawsuits.

Due to the unusual venue, the fashion designer Shao Yang, who presented her first independent collection at the aforementioned magazine, also had to show quite a bit of ingenuity. She prepared her creations and models on a special bus parked in front of the entrance to the building (because there was no space for anything like that elsewhere), and the make-up artists and hairdressers took care of the final corrections right in the elevator during the ride to the roof, Jacqui Palumbo and Alex write in the report Rees for CNN.

Probably because of the notorious co-organizer of the fashion show, there were more guests and curious people than Cutrone and Delvey expected, but they do not want to estimate the final proceeds yet. However, Cutrone admitted that – after it became known that Delvey was also involved in the organization of the event – several modeling agencies canceled their cooperation, so that she could hardly find models who were willing to participate.

But one thing is certain: only a few lesser-known fashion designers find themselves on the front pages of prestigious fashion media upon their debut. The cooperation of such a notorious personality – even if he is notorious for his criminal past – turned out to be an excellent promotional move.

Source: Rtvslo

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