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Marie Horquera showed the effects of her hearing loss in a video, saying: “I’m probably going to need hearing aids.”



The comedian was diagnosed with hearing loss and underwent surgery to restore his hearing through a transplant a few days ago. However, in the course of his recovery, he took advantage of showing the consequences of the disease.

Through social networks, comedians and TV panelists Marie Horquera She revealed to her followers that she had to undergo surgery on one ear due to hearing loss through a photo of herself on a stretcher.

At the time, he was seen with a large patch covering his left ear, but so far he has not revealed details of the intervention.

Through a new video, the comedian showed off a recording taken behind the scenes of his podcast “Please take a look.” where Production staff yell at her many times, but Horquera doesn’t notice and continues the conversation. .

Only after shouting loudly did the comedian turn to the caller and reply: “Hello, please remember that I am deaf.” he says between laughs.

Marie Horquera wrote the following along with the records, revealing the final diagnosis. Hearing loss (deafness) with bilateral hereditary degenerative otosclerosis .

This video is like watching yourself from the outside and makes you feel very sorry for yourself. “I don’t know if it’s socially acceptable to feel that way, but that’s how I feel!” he began. It was later revealed that he was able to access a eardrum transplant to temporarily restore his hearing.

“We were able to access a tympanic membrane graft in my right ear.Hearing is significantly, if not completely, restored . In another year, God willing, I should be able to get my left ear! ” he congratulated me.

However, the lifespan of a transplant is 15 years, so after that “You’ll definitely need headphones because you’ll be picking up where you left off.” Said.

However, he said, “I want to enjoy these 15 years even more, just like a child enjoys ice cream.” Enjoying every moment of your journey to your baby, listening to the voices of your loved ones ”.

Horquera said he intended to make his diagnosis public for the following purposes: “I want people who are suffering like I am to have an equal chance of getting surgery or getting hearing aids.” It can also affect babies, children, and the elderly.

Source: Biobiochile

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